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The Weeping City

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The Weeping City

The Weeping City.png
Quest giver
The Sea of Clouds (X:6.2, Y:5.8)
Quest line
Shadow of Mhach
Gil 7,500
Previous quest
To Rule the Skies
Next quest
Freedom for Our Skies

Stacia appears to be in need of your assistance.

— In-game description





  • Stacia appears to be in need of your assistance.
  • Stacia explains that Diabolos and his minions have been spotted amongst the clouds, but Leofard and Cait Sith are unable to agree on the best way to conduct a search for the voidsent's elusive lair. She requests that you visit the sky pirates' aerial roost, and add your perspective to the debate. Use the Redbill standard to travel to the Parrock, and seek out Stacia.
  • You have arrived safely at the Parrock. Enter Leofard's private quarters and speak with the Redbill captain.
  • Although his argument with Cait Sith is hardly concluded, Leofard refuses to discuss the matter any further. The captain seems ready to dismiss you as well, then suddenly remembers a problem plaguing Utata with which you may be able to assist. Make your way to the Gauntlet, and see what can be done to aid the troubled engineer.
  • You find Utata almost sobbing over the apparent failure of her newly built ectocompass. After hearing the painstaking process behind its construction, however, Cait Sith theorizes that the issue lies not with the device, but with the location of the energy the device is tracking. Almost coinciding with her realization that she now holds a reliable method for hunting down Diabolos, Utata receives an urgent call from Stacia. It seems that a number of Talon airships are on an approach course to the Parrock. Return to the Redbills' roost, and speak with Leofard.
  • You arrive back at the Parrock to find a pair of weary and disheveled Talons with a woeful tale to tell. It seems that Radlia and her crew were directed by the stolen ectocompass to the ruins of Mhach, where they were ambushed by nightmarish voidsent. The Talons then beg Leofard to rescue Radlia from the fiends, a request to which he agrees after learning of the existence of a powerful artifact hidden within the remnants of the city. Join the Redbill captain back in his private quarters, and help decide your next move.
  • According to Cait Sith, the Nullstone─an artifact capable of obliterating even the most powerful voidsent─was left behind to sink with the doomed city of Mhach. With the ruins now exposed, however, the feline familiar reasons that it will only be a matter of time before Diabolos and his minions break through the wards protecting the relic. Lured by the prospect of loot and adventure, Leofard lays down a plan to rescue Radlia and snatch the artifact from under the fiends' noses. Head out to the Parrock airship landing and speak with the Redbill captain when you are ready to fly.
  • Though it took the promise of treasure to persuade him, Leofard has agreed to attempt the rescue of Captain Radlia from the clutches of the voidsent. While he and his crew search for the lost Talons, you have been tasked with carving a path through to the heart of the Mhachi ruins. You must retrieve the Nullstone before Diabolos, or risk forfeiting a potent weapon in the battle against your demonic foe.
  • You have survived your foray into the heart of the Weeping City. Make your way back to the Parrock.
  • In the highest chambers of the Mhachi ruins, you defeat an immortal guardian of questionable sanity to release the precious Nullstone. Just as Cait Sith claims the artifact, however, the voidsent Ferdiad appears. The cackling fiend taunts you with a captive Radlia, and threatens to harm the Talon captain if you do not surrender the relic. While Leofard distracts the voidsent by feigning disinterest in Radlia's well-being, Cait Sith moves into position to smite Ferdiad with the Nullstone. The scorched voidsent flees with promises of vengeance, and you exit the ruins with both Radlia and the Mhachi artifact in your possession. Speak with Leofard on the Parrock airship landing, and celebrate the success of your mission.
  • Leofard praises you for your heroic contribution, but seems unimpressed by the potency of the Nullstone. Cait Sith explains that he has yet to learn how to unleash the relic's full potential, and points to Radlia's rescue as proof of the Nullstone's usefulness even at a fraction of its true power. Surprisingly, Leofard agrees with the feline's assessment, and even compliments Cait Sith for taking advantage of his bluff. It seems that shared danger has softened the captain's attitude towards the Mhachi familiar...