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The Weeping City

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The Weeping City

The Weeping City.png
Quest giver
The Sea of Clouds (X:6.2, Y:5.8)
Quest line
Shadow of Mhach
Gil 7,500
Previous quest
Feature QuestTo Rule the Skies
Next quest
Feature QuestFreedom for Our Skies

Stacia appears to be in need of your assistance.

— In-game description





  • Stacia appears to be in need of your assistance.
  • Stacia explains that Diabolos and his minions have been spotted amongst the clouds, but Leofard and Cait Sith are unable to agree on the best way to conduct a search for the voidsent's elusive lair. She requests that you visit the sky pirates' aerial roost, and add your perspective to the debate. Use the Redbill standard to travel to the Parrock, and seek out Stacia.
  • You have arrived safely at the Parrock. Enter Leofard's private quarters and speak with the Redbill captain.
  • Although his argument with Cait Sith is hardly concluded, Leofard refuses to discuss the matter any further. The captain seems ready to dismiss you as well, then suddenly remembers a problem plaguing Utata with which you may be able to assist. Make your way to the Gauntlet, and see what can be done to aid the troubled engineer.
  • You find Utata almost sobbing over the apparent failure of her newly built ectocompass. After hearing the painstaking process behind its construction, however, Cait Sith theorizes that the issue lies not with the device, but with the location of the energy the device is tracking. Almost coinciding with her realization that she now holds a reliable method for hunting down Diabolos, Utata receives an urgent call from Stacia. It seems that a number of Talon airships are on an approach course to the Parrock. Return to the Redbills' roost, and speak with Leofard.
  • You arrive back at the Parrock to find a pair of weary and disheveled Talons with a woeful tale to tell. It seems that Radlia and her crew were directed by the stolen ectocompass to the ruins of Mhach, where they were ambushed by nightmarish voidsent. The Talons then beg Leofard to rescue Radlia from the fiends, a request to which he agrees after learning of the existence of a powerful artifact hidden within the remnants of the city. Join the Redbill captain back in his private quarters, and help decide your next move.
  • According to Cait Sith, the Nullstone─an artifact capable of obliterating even the most powerful voidsent─was left behind to sink with the doomed city of Mhach. With the ruins now exposed, however, the feline familiar reasons that it will only be a matter of time before Diabolos and his minions break through the wards protecting the relic. Lured by the prospect of loot and adventure, Leofard lays down a plan to rescue Radlia and snatch the artifact from under the fiends' noses. Head out to the Parrock airship landing and speak with the Redbill captain when you are ready to fly.
  • Though it took the promise of treasure to persuade him, Leofard has agreed to attempt the rescue of Captain Radlia from the clutches of the voidsent. While he and his crew search for the lost Talons, you have been tasked with carving a path through to the heart of the Mhachi ruins. You must retrieve the Nullstone before Diabolos, or risk forfeiting a potent weapon in the battle against your demonic foe.
  • You have survived your foray into the heart of the Weeping City. Make your way back to the Parrock.
  • In the highest chambers of the Mhachi ruins, you defeat an immortal guardian of questionable sanity to release the precious Nullstone. Just as Cait Sith claims the artifact, however, the voidsent Ferdiad appears. The cackling fiend taunts you with a captive Radlia, and threatens to harm the Talon captain if you do not surrender the relic. While Leofard distracts the voidsent by feigning disinterest in Radlia's well-being, Cait Sith moves into position to smite Ferdiad with the Nullstone. The scorched voidsent flees with promises of vengeance, and you exit the ruins with both Radlia and the Mhachi artifact in your possession. Speak with Leofard on the Parrock airship landing, and celebrate the success of your mission.
  • Leofard praises you for your heroic contribution, but seems unimpressed by the potency of the Nullstone. Cait Sith explains that he has yet to learn how to unleash the relic's full potential, and points to Radlia's rescue as proof of the Nullstone's usefulness even at a fraction of its true power. Surprisingly, Leofard agrees with the feline's assessment, and even compliments Cait Sith for taking advantage of his bluff. It seems that shared danger has softened the captain's attitude towards the Mhachi familiar...


Speak with Stacia

Stacia: You remember Cait Sith, that Mhachi familiar? We've been workin' with him on a plan to find Diabolos and the Queen's Coffin. There've been voidsent sightings from pirates all over, so we know that bat-winged bugger is hidin' someplace int he sky - we just don't know exactly where. And as for goin' about pinpointin' the location, Leofard and the feline are bickerin' over just exactly how... That's where you come in. If you've a spare moment or two, we could use a third opinion to break the stalemate. Besides all that, Leofard's eager to have another hand to help in the search, so come on over to the Parrock as soon as you're able. You know the way from here, don't you? 
Stacia: Thanks for comin'. The captain and the cat are inside, still havin' their "discussion." Talk to Leofard, will you, before I strangle the both of them.

Speak with Leofard in his chambers

Leofard: If you're here to ask about the Queen's Coffin then you'd best turn around and walk straight out again.This aggravatin' furball's turned my mood sour as month-old aldgoat milk. 
Stacia: Leofard! [Forename]'s come all this way to help us - at your request, I might add! (he/she) deserves to hear where we stand on the search, at least! (Leofard shrugs)
Leofard: ...The "search" is givin' me ulcers, is what it is. By all reports, Diabolos is lurkin' somewhere in the heavens, buildin' up his forces. But the sky is a fast dome, as high as the ocean is deep, and we've not the pirates to scour every damn floatin' rock. That's when I tried my luck with Radlia. You remember her, don't you? Captain of the Talons? Blonde hair? One eye? Stole our bloody compass? Well I've been eavesdroppin' with that linkpearl I slipped into the casin', hopin' to catch somethin' useful. But all I've heard from her and her sorry crew is snorin', grumblin', and japes about the archbishop's holy nethers. In the end, it seems we've no choice but to do this the hard way...but a certain mewlin' annoyance refuses to acknowledge the truth of it. 
Cait Sith: You cannot possibly hope to investigate the entire sky with this meager handful of ne'er-do-wells! I find my suggestion to seek aid from your fellow pirate gangs a perfectly reasonable one under the circumstances!
Leofard: Ah, show it, you mangy alley cat! You've not the faintest idea of how sky pirates operate! Best case scenario, we'd be locked into a deal to hand over any treasure we find - and that's assumin' we weren't laughed out of the room to begin with! 
Cait Sith: You cannot assume that every man and woman shares your base morality! If we but made the attempt, I am sure we could convince some few of the nobility of our cause!
Stacia: And so it goes, 'round and 'round. .. Knowin' pirates as I do, I find myself sidin' with the captain on this. But what of you, [Forename]? Any thoughts on the matter? 
Warrior of Light: (We should handle this ourselves / We should seek aid from other crews / keep your silence) -> We should seek aid from other crews.
Leofard: What!? You're sidin' with the furball? I would've thought you'd learned a thing or two about sky pirates by now... ...However we tackle things, though, we've a long road ahead of us. I'll see if I can't thin up a better way to shorten it. You might as well head back to your adventures, [Forename]...unless you're willin' to lend us your experience in another matter, that is. Utata, our chief engineer, has been mumblin' about the Void Ark and cursin' under her breath for days. Might be as you can provide some insight into her dilemma. 
Cait Sith: She is conducting her research in the Sea of Clouds, yes? Well, I should rather discuss the properties of the Void Ark than continue with this fruitless debate! I shall see you down there, [Forename]!

Speak with Utata on the Gauntlet

Cait Sith: What troubles you, Mistress Utata? We were told that some matter regarding the Void Ark was causing you no small measure of grief... (Utata hugs Cait Sith). Mistress Utata! What are you - Oof! Urk!  
Utata: Ah, I feel so much better now! My apologies, Cait Sith. You had the misfortune to enter my field of view just as I felt the intense desire to squeeze something warm and furry. It's this damnable ectocompass... I made another one, you see, identical in all aspects to the first compass that Radlia stole. But look! It points in a completely different direction to where the Void Ark should currently be! I don't understand what I did wrong! I used the same plans, the same parts...
Cait Sith: I can imagine that would be infuriating. And you are certain there are no flaws in the design or the materials? 
Utata: Positive. I've tweaked and adjusted and replaced every single piece, but it refuses to function as intended. I'm on the verge of tossing the blasted thing over the edge! What do you make of this, [Forename]?
Warrior of Light: (I don't think the compass is broken / Something may have happened to the Void Ark... / I haven't the slightest idea. ) -> Something may have happened to the Void Ark...
Cait Sith: Yes, the cause may indeed lie outside the compass itself. We must consider this dilemma from a broader perspective. Might you explain to us the principle by which the ectocompass tracks the Void Ark?
Utata: It all comes down to the aetheric signature. I discovered that the Void Ark is encompassed by an energy of rather peculiar composition, so I simply tuned the compass to follow its unique trail. 
Cait Sith: An energy of peculiar composition, you say...Of course! The ark was propelled by the siphoned energies of voidsent! Could it be that the compass was tracking not the vessel itself, but the aether of the entities imprisoned within? That would certainly explain why the compass now points in a different direction than one would expect! After all, Diabolos and the Shadow Queen are no longer on board the ark! 
Utata: ...Are you implying that if we plotted a course based on the readings from the ectocompass, we would arrive on the demon's doorstep...so to speak? 
Cait Sith: Just so, Mistress Utata! Assuming my theory is correct, we no longer require outside assistance to pursue our elusive quarry! 
Utata: (Utata's Linkpearl goes off). Oh, Stacia! What perfect timing! You won't believe the wonderful discovery we've just - . Talon airships have been spotted en route to our nest! If it's revenge they're looking for, we'd best head back and make ready for them! 

Speak with Leofard at the Parrock

Talons Deckswab: Truce, Redbill! We need your help to save Captain Radlia! 
Leofard: You... You're one of Radlia's favorites. You threaten my crew, steal our compass, and now you come crawlin' to me for help? What kind of unholy mess have you cretins stumbled into? 
Talons Deckswab: Aye, we took your damn compass, but it didn't show us to the ghost ship. We ended up at some moldy, old ruins, lousy with voidsent... Before we knew it, some sort of spider demon was knockin' our ships out of the sky. The two of us managed to pull away, but we saw what happened to them as got caught on the ground... If the captain survived the massacre, she's stuck there with no wings to fly out again. 
Stacia: Why don't you give that linkpearl a listen, Captain? Might be as we can learn if Radlia is alive or dead, at least. (Leofard nods).
Leofard: ... Ugh, so much buzzin'. Can't hear a blasted - Wait. I'm gettin' some words... "They're after...Mhachi artifact. Damn demons are searchin' ...Hide!" ...And then a bunch of screamin'. Seems Radlia's still kickin'; for now, but who knows for how long. If those screams were an act, then consider me fooled - I don't think the Talons are layin' a trap here. I've half a mind to leave Radlia to her fate, but I never turn my back on an adventure! Especially when the scent of treasure is in the air, eh? Now, tell me where you found these ruins! 
Talons Deckswab: ...You'll help us, then!? You're a good man, Redbill! We left the captain in the Yafaem Saltmoor, just northwest of Mor Dhona. 
Cait Sith: In Yafaem, you say!? Then you must speak of the ruined shell of Mhach itself! ... By Shatotto's black heart! Could they be after the Nullstone? 
Leofard: What's that, puss? You think you know what those fiends are after? Right. Utata, see that these Talons are patched up, then have the Raimille ready to fly. And don't spare the oil - you know I love to hear her purr. [Forename], Stacia. Bring the furball to my quarters, and we'll have ourselves a chat about our impendin' trip to old Mhach! 

Speak with Leofard in his chambers

Leofard: Right, furball. Let's hear about this artifact that Diabolos is lookin' for. 
Cait Sith: (nods). ...If I am to speak of the Nullstone, then I must first explain the method by which Mhachi sorcerers would bind the voidsent into service. The more powerful the voidsent, the more difficult it is to manifest its presence in the world. Their own immense strength weighs them down like an anchor, you see, preventing them from breaking the surface of our dimension. And that is why they "cooperate" with mortal sorcerers. A mage can provide a suitable vessel for the summoning, or rip a large enough hole in the fabric of reality for the entity to step through. 
Stacia: ...And let me guess: the mage forces the voidsent to agree to a pact in return for the invitation into our world? 
Cait Sith: That is correct. But it would be foolhardy to expect such devious and malevolent creatures to abide by the spirit of even the most carefully worded contract. Thus did the Mhachi magi construct an occult device that would more securely bind the voidsent to their will - a safeguard of sorts, that to the best of my knowledge yet lies entombed within the remnants of the ancient city. The Nullstone was seen as a last resort! Should a voidsent break its pact and turn on its summoner, the mage could use the relic to disperse the very essence of even the most potent entity, obliterating it completely. 
Leofard: I can't see the "royals" of the void takin' too kindly to a threat like that. Seems those sorcerers were just as ruthless as the monsters they summoned. 
Cait Sith: When it came to the glory of Mhach, the ends justified the means... In any event, we can be certain that Diabolos seeks to secure the Nullstone before it falls into mortal hands, and thereby ensure that Scathach will reign unopposed. 
Leofard: All right, so we know what the fiends are after. But what I don't understand is why such a valuable relic was left behind when the mages knew a colossal flood was on the way. 
Cait Sith: Its value was the very reason they chose not to risk its relocation. The Nullstone is kept within a structure constructed for the purpose, secured behind powerful wards and protected by deadly guardians. And with the rising of the waters, they reasoned that the artifact would be sunk along with the city, far beyond the reach of vengeful voidsent. 
Leofard: But now that Yafaem is more swamp than sea, the demons only have the wards and the guardians to deal with. And I doubt they'd be wastin' their time down there in the mud if they didn't have some trick to break through the wards. Aye, this's become a race to see who can nab the treasure first - which is just the sort of contest a sky pirate lives for! 
Stacia: So we slip into the ruins, pinch the relic, then rescue Radlia right from under the fiends' noses! 
Leofard: ...Well, I suppose we could save her while we're pokin' around for loot. I'll grab the new compass from Utata so we know where we're goin'. Check your weapons, pack your smallclothes, and meet me out by the landin' when you're ready to fly! 

Speak with Leofard at the airship landing

Leofard: We'll fly directly to Yafaem from here. Once we arrive, you forge ahead with your band of adventurers as you did on the ark, [Forename]. Just keep slicin' into the depths until you reach that Nullstone. Hmmm. We don't want to risk gettin' knocked out of the sky like the Talons, so we'd best land a little ways out from the ruins and head in on foot. The furball says he knows the place well enough to guide you, so me and the Redbills will follow behind on rescue duty. You concentrate on smashin' a path through to the artifact - we'll check the nooks and crannies for Radlia and her crew. Don't let your guard down once you reach the ruins, though, eh? There's likely golems and such in there what are worse than the fiends outside, and we wouldn't wnat our hero losin' (his/her) head now, would we?


Leofard: ...So this is the heart of the ruins, eh? 
Stacia: You've done a fine job dismantlin' the defenses, [Forename]. I only wish we could say we had the same success, but Radlia and her Talons were nowhere to be found. 
Cait Sith: Yes, it is quite distressing, but we must focus on claiming the prize at hand. The Nullstone is ours!
???: Mwahahahaha! You've left me such an inviting trail of destruction to follow! 
Ferdiad: I see you've found the relic, then. Wonderful! Lord Diabolos will be so pleased! And look here! I've brought you a gift as thanks for all your hard work! This is the lovely lass you've been oh-so-desperately seeking, isn't it? Unless you wish to see her rent limb from limb, then you will hand over the Nullstone! (Radlia is tied up. Cait Sith nods to Leofard, who then takes out his gun. )
Leofard: You think I care about her worthless limbs? That woman's done naught but cause us grief, and I just thought to crow over her grave! Don't give me that look, Radlia. What? You thought I was here to save your sorry hide? You've never been aught but an obstacle to me. Do you remember the first time we met? You were roarin' with laughter at the sight of all them Allagan relics until I used your pretty blonde head as a steppin'-stone!
Radlia: Damn you, you selfish bastard! And damn me for expecting you to act any different! If I had my weapons, I'd blow a bloody hole in your belly! 
Leofard: Have you forgotten how awful a shot you are? Not much of a threat when I've seen you miss the side of a cathedral at ten yalms. 
Ferdiad: Silence, you grinning fool! You've ruined my moment, and now I'll ruin your smirking face! 
Leofard: Now, puss! (Cait Sith charges the nullstone)
Ferdiad: What - Aaargh! It burns! 
Cait Sith: This world is not your stage, unholy harlequin! Begone from our realm! (the Nullstone fires, and Radlia falls to the ground).
Ferdiad: Grr! A clever farce, mortals! But the show is not over...not until you scream! (Leofard walks over to Radlia).
Leofard: ...The bugger got way. And I think we'd best do the same. 

Speak with Leofard

Leofard: Now that was some excitement, wasn't it, Small! Probably a little too much for Radlia, but we gave her a bed to sleep off the worst of her ordeal. She'll likely be back to her usual cheerful self in no time. Quite a successful jaunt, all told. You and me, we make a pretty good partnership! (Warrior of Light nods, and then shrugs. Cait crosses their arms). ...But I've got words for you, furball! You said that the relic would obliterate a voidsent "completely." Seems to me that foppish fiend just got scorched before he slipped away. 
Cait Sith: Oh, that? That was scarcely a fraction of the Nullstone's true power. Once I have learned how to unleash its full potential, such demons shall be consumed like gnats caught in a bonfire. 
Leofard: So you're tellin me our secret weapon ain't ready for battle? You might as well be wieldin' a blunted sword...
Cait Sith: Might I remind you that this "blunted sword" stung our foe sufficiently to free the lady pirate? A result we could not have achieved with your blustering words alone! 
Leofard: Bah, I was ready to flee without Radlia if things took a turn for the worse. ...But you're right. You had the presence of mind to take advantage of my bluff, and it was your actions that saved her in the end.