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To Rule the Skies

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To Rule the Skies

To Rule the Skies .png
Quest giver
The Sea of Clouds (X:25, Y:5)
Quest line
Shadow of Mhach
Gil 7,500
Previous quest
Feature QuestSky Pirates
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Weeping City

Utata seems eager to share her findings on the ghost ship.

— In-game description





  • Utata seems eager to share her findings on the ghost ship.
  • Utata explains how she created an "ectocompass" that allows her to track the ghost ship's unique aetheric signature. Using the readings she has taken, it seems she has been able to plot a course to intercept the cursed vessel. Gather together a trusty crew, and prepare to boldly go where no sky pirate has gone before... and lived to tell the tale!
  • ※The Void Ark can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • You have braved the depths of the Void Ark and lived to tell the tale. Make your way back to the Sea of Clouds.
  • At the heart of the Ark, you discover a massive coffin-like object, but before you can inspect it more closely, a fearsome voidsent appears, seemingly intent on your destruction. Rather than engage the creature, however, you elect to flee the violently heaving vessel at the behest of what appears to be a talking cat. Once outside in your manacutter, you are witness to an incredible spectacle: the prow of the ship splits open, and emits a blinding blast of light that tears a rent in the very sky. The belly of the vessel then ejects the huge coffin, which disappears into the gaping rift.
  • Speak with Leofard back at the Gauntlet, and attempt to make sense of these portentous events.
  • Back on solid ground, your rendezvous with Utata does not proceed as planned: Radlia and her axe-wielding brutes have taken the Redbill engineer captive. They ransom her for the ectocompass, but not before Leofard slips a linkpearl into the device's casing. Though concerned about Radlia's plans for the Ark, the Redbill captain first wishes to learn more of the cat creature─one "Cait Sith"─and of the haunted vessel upon which he dwelt.
  • You return to the Redbill's den, and the loquacious feline reveals his nature as a familiar. He tells the tale of High Voidmage Cessair, and of the Mhachi magi who constructed the Void Ark as a means to escape the great floods of the Sixth Umbral Calamity. Sadly for them, he continues, they proved unable to control the potent entity chosen to power the ship─whom he calls Scathach, the Shadow Queen─and were forced to contend with the horde of lesser voidsent servants that her rampant energies set loose. Though they ultimately succeeded in rebinding the creatures, they did so at the cost of their own lives, leaving Cait Sith alone to guard a derelict prison. For fifteen hundred years the Void Ark drifted, until a determined voidsent arrived on the ship and once more released its malevolent inamtes, his efforts culminating in what you now understand to be the liberation of Scathach's warded tomb.
  • After hearing Cait Sith's story, Leofard vows to aid him in tracking down the Queen's Coffin... and collect any ancient treasures uncovered along the way. For the time being, however, the pirate captain encourages you to return to your adventures, adding that you should always keep an ear open for the Redbills' call to arms.