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Male ♂
Hyur (Midlander)
Sky Pirate
Leofard's Chambers (3.5,3.5)
Quest NPC

"A ship ain't what it is, but what it can be—freedom and adventure."

— In-game description

Leofard is a Hyur found in Leofard's Chambers.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Freedom for Our Skies Feature quest 60 Leofard
A Redbill Farewell Feature quest 60 Leofard

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Where Shadows Reign Feature quest 60 Stacia
Soaring Profits Sidequest 90 Mehdjina

Additional Information

Leofard was born in the Brume, and orphaned as a boy, taking the Myste surname common amongst the city's abandoned. He did whatever was necessary to survive, and would likely have grown into an artful criminal, were it not for Raimille Roulchardon. A highnorn Elezen and childless widow, Raimille invited the young Midlander into her home, and raised him as her own. Yet, she had a weak constitution, and in time grew so ill she could not leave her bed. Try though he did, Leofard's best efforts could not heal her, and soon he was alone again. With naught to bind him to Ishgard, he set off to explore the world, seeking the landmarks his adoptive mother would describe to him from history book each night at his bedside.Now the leader of the Redbills, Leofard seeks plunder to add to his ever-growing collection. He has seen thirty-two summers come and go—yet still dislikes his greens, and eats little but the generously charred flesh of beasts. The Raimille: The Raimille is a manacutter fabricated by the Skysteel Manufactory under license from the Garlond Ironworks. Selling a portion of his plunder to purchase the sleek prototype, Leofard christened it in memory of his adoptive mother, who perished ere she could visit the places she so longed to see.

Following the advent of technology in the field of flight, several bands of "Sky Pirates" began to appear all across the Sea of Clouds. Leofard became the leader of The Redbills and one of the most fierce sky pirates, upholding the "Code" they live by to an intense degree. He met the Warrior of Light while punishing some rogue pirates who were robbing merchants and disregarding their code. Noting they were seemingly just as much a hero as the stories made them out to be, he invites them to his ship to discuss "a great adventure".

After being confronted by the Talons leader, Radlia, and rejecting her offer to join her crew, despite her barely veiled threats of violence, Leofard tells the Warrior of Light of the Void Ark, and his plans to board it as it is an as yet unexplored relic, which he believed to be of the Allagan Empire. Though he had sent crews previously to investigate, none had returned, and they had lost the ship's location, his crew had developed a device known as the Ectocompass which would lead them to the Void Ark. After the Warrior of Light made preparations, Leofard and the crew headed for the ship.

After making their way through the ship, Leofard and crew found a large treasury, but were attacked by Diabolos. Before the Voidsent could finish them off, they were rescued by Cait Sith and taken back to their ship. Upon learning that the Voidsent on that ship were planning to open a Voidgate, Leofard made plans for the Warrior of Light and the crew to head back in and take out Diabolos, the Talons attacked and took Utata Uta hostage in exchange for the Ectocompass. Thinking quickly, Leofard hid a Linkpearl in the compass, and handed it over. He later tracked the Talons to The Weeping City of Mhach, where he and the Warrior of Light rescued Radlia from the Voidsent Ferdiad, who was demanding her in exchange for the Nullstone, a relic used by the people of Mhach to control Voidsent. While Ferdiad was distracted, Cait Sith attempted to use the Stone to attack the Voidsent, but it escaped.

After returning to his ship, Leofard questioned Radlia on why she was there. She explained that her and her crew were there searching for the Nullstone, and had uncovered a book full of notes left by the Mhach, which she handed over. While studying the text, Diabolos attacked the ship, wounding Leofard in the process. Though he was driven off by Radlia and her crew, Leofard had to stay behind while the rest of the crew headed off to stop Diabolos.

As the Warrior of Light battled Diabolos, Leofard attacked with his Manacutter, allowing Cait Sith to seal the Voidsent, ending his plans. When they returned to his ship, Leofard gave Cait Sith a Redbill bandana, anointing him as an official member of his crew.