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"Smithing, carpentry, magitek... if it's part of an airship, I can fix it!"

A Plainsfolk woman of twenty and two years, Utata has shown a fondness for machinery of all kinds since she was a child. She joined Highwind Skyways while still in her youth, and there assisted in the maintenance of the organization's diverse fleet, all the while gaining valuable knowledge of the inner-workings of airships. However, her time with the Skyways came to an abrupt conclusion as the result of a vehement disagreement with a superior regarding the scheduled disassembly and material repurposing of a vessel. At a tavern afterwards, she met Leofard, who, by a stunning coincidence, was seeking an airship of his own. Utata facilitated the sale of the vessel in disagreement, and stayed on with the newly formed Redbills as the crew's engineer. Incidentally, she aspires to one day eclipse a certain Lalafellin engineer in the employ of Garlond Ironworks.

— In-game description

Utata is a Lalafell found in The Sea of Clouds.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
To Rule the Skies Feature quest 60 Utata

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Sky Pirates Feature quest 60 Unquiet Trader

Additional Information

As the Chief Engineer of The Redbills, Utata is extremely confident in her skills as a mechanic, but quails at the first sign of danger, leaving the fighting to others. When the Redbills discovered the Void Ark, she invented an Ectocompass, a device that would allow for the tracking of the vessel. She joined in the initial expedition into the ship, and helped discover the treasure hoard, as well as Cait Sith. When Diabolos appeared, she fled to the ship with the others.

Utata was taken hostage by The Talons, who were after the Ectocompass so they could lay claim to the remaining treasures aboard. When she revealed she didn't have it, they sought to see her as a bargaining chip. When she is returned, she apologized for causing such trouble and for not being able to fight off the other pirates. She acted as moral support when the Warrior of Light and the rest of the crew continued to track the Talons to the Weeping City of Mhach.