Secret of the White Lily

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Secret of the White Lily

Quest giver
North Shroud (X:19, Y:25)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
1  Lily Button
Experience 25,160
Gil 2,297
Previous quest
Power of Deduction
Next quest
Skeletons in Her Closet

Aethelmaer wants you to hold on to the button.

— In-game description



  • While Miounne appreciates the button's exquisite craftsmanship, she is unfamiliar with its sigil. She suggests you show it to Bernadette, the keen-eyed sentry sentry who stands guard at the Aetheryte Plaza.
  • Unfortunately, Bernadette does not recognize the lily sigil. In her turn, she suggests that you have it examined by Wood Wailer Ceinguled, who stands before the Lancers' Guild.
  • Ceinguled recalls having seen a man named Ursandel wearing an identical button upon the breast of his jacket. You will find him by the entrance to the Gentrys Ward, northwest of the Lancers' Guild.
  • Ursandel instantly recognizes the sigil as that of the old and proud Dartancours family. With a sigh of resignation, he agrees to reveal the truth behind the mysterious murders... on the condition that you promise to help him with what will most certainly be an unsavory task.


Aethelmaer: Greetings, adventurer. Is there aught I might assist you with?

You hand over the marred corpse.

Aethelmaer: Gods be good, not again...

Aethelmaer: No matter how many bodies I see, I cannot seem to get used to the horrid sight. Poor woman...

Aethelmaer: Identical deaths have been reported in the Central Shroud. While the masked stranger you seek does not seem to feature in any, sightings of the winged eyeball are common enough. The creature appears to be moving the bodies, but to what end, none can say.

Aethelmaer: The victims have all been young women. All are found with their faces mutilated beyond recognition. It's been difficult to identify them, so as to notify their next of─

Aethelmaer: Hm? This button, engraved with a lily motif... The very same object was found upon another victim. A family sigil, or that of an organization, perhaps?

Aethelmaer: Either way, I dare to hope that this find will prove pivotal in solving the murders.

Aethelmaer: I would have you hold on to the lily button. You will need it to continue your investigation.

Aethelmaer: While it isn't standard procedure to entrust key evidence to individuals, you have proven yourself reliable and resourceful in this matter. I see no reason why you shouldn't carry on your work.

Aethelmaer: If I might make a suggestion, you may wish to take the button to Gridania and have it examined by Miounne. Mayhap someone in her vast network of contacts can shed light upon its sigil.

Mother Miounne: Good evening to you, [Forename]. By your grim expression, I suspect you aren't here for scones and herb tea.

Mother Miounne: Well, isn't this a lovely little button. The engraving is quite exquisite─artisan-level quality, I would say. Where did you say you found this? ...On a dead body? Lovely.

Mother Miounne: Anyway, I'm afraid I do not recognize the lily sigil. You will have to find the answer the old-fashioned way─by asking around. You could do worse than beginning with Bernadette, over by the aetheryte plaza. She has a sharp pair of eyes, that one.

Bernadette: Need help tracking down the owner of a button? That's certainly not a request I receive on a regular basis. Well, go on, then─show me what you have.

Bernadette: Hmmm... Seems to be some manner of decorative button, reminiscent of those worn by the families of old, though I cannot claim to know its sigil. However, I can say with certainty that the white lily is a recurring theme in Gridanian culture.

Bernadette: Alas, I do not know who would make a personal sigil of it. If there is a soul in Gridania who does, it would be Ceinguled over at the Lancers' Guild. The woman makes a point of knowing all the citizens on a forename basis.

Ceinguled: Bernadette believes that I can help you? Well, that is a rather bold assumption to make. I will try to assist, never you fear, but whether aught comes of it is another matter. Now, then, what do you require of me?

Ceinguled: Fascinating... Work of this quality is rarely seen in the hands of ordinary Gridanians. The owner of this button is most certainly well-to-do. You may wish to take your search to the Gentry's Ward, northwest of here.

Ceinguled: Wait. A memory comes to me. Of late, there has been a man who is perpetually seated at the bench by the ward's entrance. His name is Ursandel, and I distinctly recall seeing a markedly similar button upon the breast of his jacket. I daresay he can tell you a thing or two about it.

Ursandel: I do not believe we are acquainted. Pray leave me to my thoughts.

Ursandel: <gasp> sigil of the Dartancours family! is it that you came to be in possession of this button?

Ursandel: ...From the body of a murdered woman? H-Her face...was it marred in any way?

Ursandel: I had feared as much... <sigh> I can no longer feign ignorance. I shall reveal to you the truth of the deaths, but on one condition: you promise to put an end to my lady's madness and free her from her torment.

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