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Rise of a New Sun

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Rise of a New Sun

Rise of a New Sun Image.png
Quest giver
Kienkan (X:6.1, Y:6.0)
Quest line
Experience 10,800
Gil 2,072
Previous quest
A Guilty Conscience
Next quest
Gosetsu and Tsuyu

Lord Hien has at last reached a decision.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Lord Hien has agreed to the proposed exchange of prisoners on one condition: that Yotsuyu be granted exemption from the transaction should her memory fail to return by the appointed hour. Though plainly displeased by this stipulation, Asahi eventually consents, but not without making one final request: a moment to speak with his beloved sister in private. Hien duly grants his wish, and Asahi is admitted to Yotsuyu's quarters. Doing your best to ignore Gosetsu's obvious anxiety, you wait without, imagining the worst, but when Asahi finally emerges, he concedes that Yotsuyu's condition is not feigned, and entrusts her to Hien's care. It would seem that all is well.
  • Having agreed upon the finer details of the exchange, there is naught left to do but bid Asahi and his associates farewell. You dutifully escort them back to their ship along the bank of the One River.
  • Moments prior to departing, Asahi pulls you aside to offer special thanks. Or so he claims. With his back turned to the others, his smile quickly changes to a scowl, and he issues an ominous threat. Yet even as he begins to speak, you are overcome by a vision of the past, wherein you discover he is in fact a fervent admirer of the late Lord Zenos. Realizing you have witnessed his thoughts only serves to stoke the flames in his eyes, and he castigates you for presuming to oppose his master before stalking away. You watch open-mouthed as his airship disappears into the distance, dumbfounded by his sudden show of petulance.
  • Noting your troubled expression, Hien asks if something is amiss, and you distractedly recount your exchange with Asahi. The tale leaves Yugiri and Alisaie understandably aghast, but Hien appears unmoved. Though he concedes the incident does not bode well for the coming prisoner exchange, he remains determined to see it through. After assuring you that he will send word when all of the necessary preparations have been made, he bids you rest, and so you depart for Kugane together with Alphinaud and Alisaie.
  • Despite your best efforts, the questions raised by Yotsuyu's return have yet to be satisfactorily answered, and the appearance of her stepbrother only adds to the uncertainty. Yet the light of hope cannot be suffered to dim. Regardless of Asahi's aims, you and yours must be ready, that Doma might never again fall under the shadow of imperial rule.