Pipikkuli's Ship Comes In

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Pipikkuli's Ship Comes In
Pipikkuli's Ship Comes In
Type Fieldcraft Leve
Category Munificence
Level 5
Classes Miner
Starting NPC Graceful Song
NPC Location Western Thanalan - Scorpion Crossing (x26,y24)
Duration 20m
Objective Obtain target items., Brown Clod 0/35
Items Needed Brown Clod
Description Rumors race like wildfire from tavern to tavern: Pipikkuli, the penniless rover has found a depositeof Nashachite, one of the rarest treasures of the land. Uncharacteristicly moneyed and now rather inappropriately named, Pipikkuli the Poor is hiring willing miners to excavate the gem.
Rewards ??
Experience 1,160
Gil 50-60

Pipikkuli's Ship Comes In is a level 5 Fieldcraft Leve Guildleve in Western Thanalan. Players can start the levequest by talking to Graceful Song in Western Thanalan (x26,y24).


  • Obtain target items.
  • Brown Clod 0/35

Items Needed

Brown Clod

Tips and Tricks