Picking Up the Sledge

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Slafborn - Mor Dhona (x21, y7)
Requirements Level 50
Items Needed
Reward Gil 2000
Cordial icon1.png
Previous Quest Next Quest
A Hard Hapalit to Break Guardian of Eorzea


tataru x:14.9,y:10.4

the above is where tataru is located for the final part of this quest.


  • Speak with Tataru in the Rising Stones.
  • Speak with Brithael at the Blacksmiths' Guild.
  • Express your /doubt to the prickly porter south of the Octant.
  • Pick up the box addressed to Tataru.
  • Deliver the box to F'lhaminn in the Rising Stones.
  • With the chat mode in Say, enter a phrase containing “Tataru” at the destination point.
  • Rescue Tataru from the morbol.
  • Speak with Tataru.
  • Speak with Tataru in the Rising Stones.


  • Slafborn is concerned for the Scions' receptionist.
  • Slafborn has noted Tataru's perturbed demeanor, and urges you to lend a friendly ear to the troubled Lalafell. Head into the Rising Stones and speak with the Scions' receptionist.
  • After convincing Tataru to confide to you her woes, you learn that the burgeoning fame and swelling ranks of the Scions are straining the organization's limited resources. Not one to bow before adversity, the determined administrator has been learning the mining trade in a bid to secure more revenue. Without the sledgehammer she commissioned from the Blacksmiths' Guild, however, Tataru fears her efforts will be far less fruitful. Head to Limsa Lominsa, and question Forgemaster Brithael about the failed delivery.
  • You ask Brithael about the sledgehammer, but the guildmaster is adamant that the tool in question was completed some time ago. He suggests you head south from the Octant until you find the porters responsible for its delivery, and express your /doubt in their work practices.
  • After interrogating one of the porters, you learn that Tataru's tool was simply lost in the shuffle. Search the piles of cargo, and find the sealed crate addressed to the Rising Stones receptionist.
  • You have liberated the box containing Tataru's sledgehammer from the forgetful porters. Make your way back to Revenant's Toll, and deliver the tool to F'lhaminn in the Rising Stones.
  • You return to the Rising Stones and entrust the sledgehammer to F'lhaminn. While impressed by Tataru's determination, the graceful Miqo'te is concerned that the wilds of Mor Dhona may prove too dangerous for the lone Lalafellin miner. Head out to her planned mining site northeast of the Tangle, and, with the chat mode in Say, enter any phrase containing “Tataru” to attract the receptionist's attention.
  • You call out to Tataru, and hear an alarmed scream in response. Rush over to the panicked Lalafell and slay the threatening morbol before it has a chance to rend her limb from limb.
  • Though none the worse for her ordeal, the shaken receptionist is eager to return to town. Head back to the Rising Stones and speak with Tataru.
  • You return to the Rising Stones, and are once more thanked by a grateful Tataru─this time for the delivery of her long-awaited sledgehammer. Swearing to never again wander the outskirts of Revenant's Toll alone, the able administrator is nevertheless still determined to raise enough coin to keep the Scions in business...not to mention blood currant tarts.