Moraby Flounder

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Moraby Flounder
A flat bottom-feeder commonly found in the relatively calm waters of Moraby Bay.
Sells for 4 gil
Moraby Flounder is a Seafood.

Basic Information


Legend states that once a normal fish, the flounder was stepped upon by the Wanderer during one of His journeys, and left for dead. Upon finding the fish, the Navigator succeeded in breathing life back into the denizen of the deep, but could not restore it from its new flattened form.

Obtained By

Purchased From

Dropped By

Fishing Log: Candlekeep Quay

Fishing Log: Cedarwood

Fishing Log: Moraby Bay

Fishing Log: Moraby Drydocks

Fishing Log: Oschon's Torch

Fishing Log: Swiftperch

Used For

Crafting Ingredient


Class: Culinarian

Potential Results: