Moraby Bay

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Moraby Bay

On the southern coast of Vylbrand, Moraby Bay encompasses the cove and surrounding lands - all of which one can see from just below Limsa Lominsa. This breathtaking view explains why the area is a favourite for trysts ... despite being rife with deadly stinging aureliae.

— In-game description

Moraby Bay is an area in Lower La Noscea.


Landmark (map icon).png
Tempest Gate

Unlike the warm winds of the Zephyr Gate, this back entrance gains its title from the gales that howl at its doors from the seas.

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Oschon's Embrace

When the Gods' Grip bore the brunt of a great wave generated during the Calamity, one section of the peninsula crumbled under the force of the water, leaving the tip cut off from the mainland. Naldiq & Vymelli's subsequently set about constructing this mighty bridge to cross the ravine, reconnecting the severed docks and communities with the mainland.

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Madman Bridge

Madman Bridge is maintained by Naldiq & Vymelli's. Those who venture beyond it, however, are liable to fall prey to kobolds and monsters, and it is said that only a man who had taken leave of his senses would cross the bridge unprepared.

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The Eyes

Known in part as a post for the Yellowjacket's second levy, the Eyes is a towering stone outcrop with two hollows cut clean through that appear to watch passersby with hidden intent

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The Mourning Widow

Though a river once flowed here gracefully over land to the ocean, the Calamity sheared away rock and soil to leave but a stark cliff face. Now, the waters cascade downwards, fulling upon the waves beneath. The locals see these as the tears of those who lost a loved one during the chaos, and have taken to calling the waterfall the Mourning Widow.

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