A Matter of Perspective

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A Matter of Perspective

Archer quest image.png
Quest giver
New Gridania (X:15, Y:11)
Experience 1,400
Gil 0
Previous quest
My First Bow
Way of the Archer
Next quest
Training with Leih

Guildmaster Luciane wishes to instruct you on the fundamentals of archery.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Destroy the targets.
  • Report to Luciane.
  • Slay opo-opos. 0/8
  • Slay microchus. 0/8
  • Report to Luciane.


  • Luciane tells you that the essence of archery is observation with intent-- to see all without losing sight of your purpose. In order to test your capacity for observation, the bowmaster instructs you to seek out and destroy several targets hidden throughout the city. Locate the targets and destroy them using your Heavy Shot technique.
  • You have successfully destroyed all of the targets. Report back to Luciane at the Archers' Guild.
  • Luciane challenges you to take the next step and evaluate live enemies from afar, only engaging them once you have identified an appropriate strategy. Journey to the North Shroud and slay eight microchus and eight opo-opos.
  • You have successfully slain the microchues and opo-opos Report back to Luciane at the Archers' Guild.
  • Satisfied with your showing in the trial, Luciane introduces you to two other members of the guild, the Miqo'te Leih Aliapoh and the Elezen Silvairre. Mindful of the lessons you have learned during your training so far, you resume your quest to master the bow.
    • ※The next archer quest will be available from Luciane upon reaching level 10.