The One That Got Away

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The One That Got Away

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Quest giver
New Gridania (X:15.4, Y:11.9)
Experience 12,480
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestHomecoming
Next quest
Feature QuestA Song of Bards and Bowmen

Guildmaster Luciane is having a heated discussion with Silvairre. Perhaps you should intervene.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:


The level 20 Main Scenario Quest Main Scenario QuestSylph-management is required for the next quest to unlock.



  • Guildmaster Luciane is having a heated discussion with Silvairre. Perhaps you should intervene.
  • Silvairre reveals that he has discovered the whereabouts of Pawah Mujuuk, before rushing off alone to apprehend her. Follow him to the South Shroud and see that he comes to no harm.
  • You find Silvairre surrounded by the bodies of an unknown gang of poachers, exhausted but unharmed. After you dispatch a pursuing party of assailants, the Elezen explains his plan to lure Pawah out of hiding. Make your way to the specified clearing and use the bone whistle Silvairre has given you to summon Pawa and her gang.
  • After a fierce battle, the three of you successfully subdue Pawah and consign her infamous gang to history. Return to the Archer's Guild and share the tale of your triumph with Luciane.
  • Luciane is glad of your safe return, and proud to have such a dedicated and compassionate adventurer in her ranks. By way of thanks for your continued contribution to the guild, she teaches you a new technique: Windbite. Though the road to mastery is long and easily lost, Luciane is confident you will find your way.


Accepting the quest - cutscene

Leih Aliapoh: Thank the gods you've come, [Player]! Perhaps you can talk some sense into this stubborn fool!
Luciane: Calm yourself, Silvairre. At least let us petition the Order of the Twin Adder for——
Silvairre: There is no time, Luciane! Pawah would be long gone before their forces had even assembled!
Silvairre: Alone, I can move more swiftly, take these poachers by surprise, and force them to divulge her location.
Leih Aliapoh: We understand how you feel, Silvairre, but this is too reckless! At least permit [Player] and me to accompany you.
Silvairre: You? The adventurer and the savage? You do not——you cannot understand.
Luciane: Silvairre!
Leih Aliapoh: But I do understand! I know what it means to take pride in your home, to want more than anything to protect it...and to be consumed by guild when you cannot. I see what you're going through, Silvairre, and I...I understand.
Leih Aliapoh: This guild taught me to open my eyes and see clearly. I beg you, Silvairre, open yours! You have friends here, ready to fight. You have us.
Silvairre: ...I have never considered you my friends. Do not follow me.
Leih Aliapoh: ...Well his lying certainly hasn't improved. <sigh>
Leih Aliapoh: If he honestly thinks he's doing us a favor by forbidding us from getting involved, he's an even bigger fool than I imagined. Come, [Player]! To the South Shroud!

Speaking to Silvairre - cutscene

Silvairre: <pant> <pant> Well this is...unfortunate.
Leih Aliapoh: Silvairre!
Silvairre: Leih!? [Player]!? I told you not to follow me! I neither need nor want——
Leih Aliapoh: Don't take me for a fool. You cannot conceal the truth from this archer's eye!
Leih Aliapoh: [Player], the others are almost upon us. We must make our stand here and protect Silvairre!

Solo duty

Silvairre: ...I told you, I do not need or want your assistance. Quite why you have deluded yourselves into thinking——
Leih Aliapoh: You're the one who's deluded! Thinking you could deceive us, when even a blind man could see that you cover your mouth every time you tell a lie.
Silvairre: ...
Leih Aliapoh: Observe with intent, overlooking not the smallest detail. Discern your subject's unique characteristics, and recognize patterns in their behavior.
Leih Aliapoh: I learned these things from Luciane...and from you.
Leih Aliapoh: And I'll be damned if I'm going to watch you get yourself killed! There's still so much I don't know about Gridania and Wildwood archery, so much that I...that I need you to teach me!
Silvairre: ...Hmph. I suppose fixing your form is the least I can do.
Leih Aliapoh: Why, you——
Silvairre: Pawah's gang is already on the move. We have but one chance to catch them.
Silvairre: Poachers throughout the Twelveswood use bone whistles like this one to communicate. With it, I believe we can lure Pawah out of hiding——assuming she has not moved on.
Leih Aliapoh: So that's why you came to Takers' Rot...for this gang's whistle.
Silvairre: [Player]——if you are determined to help me, I have a task for you.
Silvairre: Pawah was last seen near Issom-Har. To the east of the camp, through a hollow tree trunk, is a clearing where two streams meet, and efts are wont to congregate. We will lay our trap there, and you will be the bait.
Silvairre: Do not fear, [Player]. I swear on my honor as a Gridanian archer that no harm will come to you.

Whistling at designated location - cutscene

Pawah Mujuuk: Bollocks. I knew I should've trusted me gut.
Pawah Mujuuk: ...Some blokes just can't take a hint.
Silvairre: I do hope you will forgive my forwardness, madam.
Pawah Mujuuk:' No, no, sir...'tis most flatterin.
Pawah Mujuuk: Wouldn't ye agree, sisters!? Why don't we show our gallant Wildwood admirer an' his mates just how much we appreciate their attentions!?
Pawah Mujuuk: I hope ye like it rough, darlin'!

Solo duty

Silvairre the Virtuous: Leih, [Player]——deal with the others. Pawah and I have unfinished business.
Leih Aliapoh: Heh, as you will!
Pawah Mujuuk the Ghost: If ye wanted to dance, all ye had to do was ask!
Pawah Mujuuk the Ghost: My sisters ain't to yer likin'? Too bloody picky, that's yer trouble!
Pawah Mujuuk the Ghost: Is it just me, or is it gettin' a bit chilly out?
Pawah Mujuuk the Ghost: Don't worry, folks——I'll keep ye warm an' toasty!
Silvairre the Virtuous: Leih, [Player]——spread out! She has oiled arrows!


Silvairre: And I thought you only had eyes for me...
Pawah Mujuuk: ...I can't...I won't...

Reporting back to Luciane

Luciane: I am relieved to see you again, [Player].
Luciane: Had the three of you not been united in your purpose, Pawah Mujuuk would still be free, and one or more of you would surely be dead.
Luciane: I am so proud of you, [Player]. Not only have you mastered our teachings, but you have also helped your guildmates regain the perspective that they had lost. For showing such compassion to your peers, I wish to teach you a new technique——Windbite.
Luciane: With Windbite, you can bring the power of the very air around you to bear against your opponents. And they will suffer on long after you have nocked your next arrow. It will serve you well in battle, I am certain.
Luciane: All archers walk the same path, [Player], towards improvement and discovery. As long as you have the vision to see the path ahead, you will continue to mature and excel.
Luciane: Yet we all grow weary and lose direction in time. When this befalls you, I have no doubt but that you will find your way back to us.
Luciane: Trust in your eyes, [Player]. They will never lead you astray.