Kholusia Sidequests

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See also: Norvrandt Sidequests
Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
Before the Tide Comes Sidequest 70 Forlorn Fisherman
Retaking Territory Sidequest 70 Catty
A Clam to Die For Sidequest 70 Strong-willed Wife 2 Spaghetti al nero icon1.png  Spaghetti al Nero
A Meating Long Overdue Sidequest 70 Unfulfilled Forager 1 White oak earring coffer (il 385) icon1.png  White Oak Earring Coffer (IL 385)
Redolent Refuse Sidequest 70 Tio-Reeq
A Feeling in the Belly Sidequest 70 Worried Waif 1 White oak ring coffer (il 385) icon1.png  White Oak Ring Coffer (IL 385)
Songstress of the Sea Sidequest 70 Aspiring Songstress
Witch of the Sea Sidequest 70 Forthright Farmer
Following the Grain Sidequest 70 Hastelot
Bridge to the Other Side Sidequest 70 Moa-Mosch
A Drop of Sunshine Sidequest 70 Bonded Servant 1 White oak ring coffer (il 385) icon1.png  White Oak Ring Coffer (IL 385)
Village of Woe Feature quest 70 Eueliss
Aether Current
Aether Current
Talos, Interrupted Feature quest 70 Eueliss
The Cape in Bloom Feature quest 70 Eueliss
Wright for the Job Feature quest 70 Eueliss
2 Grilled rail icon1.png  Grilled Rail
2 Purple carrot juice icon1.png  Purple Carrot Juice
2 Caramels icon1.png  Caramels
2 Broad bean soup icon1.png  Broad Bean Soup
3 Nightworld silver piece icon1.png  Nightworld Silver Piece
A Plankless Task Feature quest 70 Thenoise
Aether Current
Aether Current
Good, Honest Dirt Sidequest 70 Sylgran
Sisterly Concern Sidequest 70 Restless Hunter
Supplying Estimates Sidequest 70 Grawley 1 Dwarven mythril head gear coffer (il 415) icon1.png  Dwarven Mythril Head Gear Coffer (IL 415)
Hobgob Smacker Sidequest 70 Grawley
Timber for the Taking Sidequest 70 Jaimbert 1 Dwarven mythril foot gear coffer (il 415) icon1.png  Dwarven Mythril Foot Gear Coffer (IL 415)
Fresh Off the Wing Sidequest 70 Bie-Zumm
Fugitive of Fear Feature quest 70 Zumie-Shai
Aether Current
Aether Current
Rising to Her Apology Sidequest 70 Well-dressed Noblewoman
Small Nuisances Sidequest 70 Walmet
A Rocky Relationship Sidequest 70 Wild-looking Waif 1 Dwarven mythril ring coffer (il 415) icon1.png  Dwarven Mythril Ring Coffer (IL 415)
Too Sweet to Eat Sidequest 70 Tholl Gourmand
Killer on the Loose Sidequest 70 Rakitt
All for the Boom Sidequest 70 Giritt
Distract and Rescue Sidequest 70 Tholl Tinkerer
Beneath the Beard Sidequest 70 Bomott 1 Dwarven mythril hand gear coffer (il 415) icon1.png  Dwarven Mythril Hand Gear Coffer (IL 415)
Short on Courage Sidequest 70 Lovelorn Townsdwarf
Knocking the Knockers Sidequest 70 Gratt 1 Dwarven mythril earring coffer (il 415) icon1.png  Dwarven Mythril Earring Coffer (IL 415)
Goggeo and Tholliet Sidequest 70 Concerned Townsdwarf
With Ale Due Respect Sidequest 70 Riott
Brew as the Tholl Do Sidequest 70 Xorutt
Bringing the Nibbles Sidequest 70 Xorutt
You Know the Words Sidequest 70 Xorutt
A Disagreeable Dwarf Feature quest 70 Beott
Aether Current
Aether Current
Almost a Friend Feature quest 70 Ronitt
A Practiced Greeting Feature quest 70 Ronitt
Learning to Lali-ho Feature quest 70 Ronitt Lali-ho.png  Lali-ho
Ronitt to the Rescue Feature quest 70 Ronitt
2 Masala chai icon1.png  Masala Chai
2 Risotto al nero icon1.png  Risotto al Nero
2 Espresso con panna icon1.png  Espresso con Panna
2 Mist spinach saute icon1.png  Mist Spinach Saute
3 Nightworld silver piece icon1.png  Nightworld Silver Piece