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Village of Woe

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Village of Woe

Village of Woe.png
Quest giver
Kholusia (X:15.3, Y:28.6)
Required quest
A Fickle Existence
Experience 54,000-57,240
Gil 861
Next quest
Talos, Interrupted

Eueliss appears to have been awaiting your arrival.

— In-game description





  • Eueliss appears to have been awaiting your arrival.
  • Recognizing you as Alphinaud's traveling companion, Eueliss requests that you provide her an escort to the nearby Stonegazer. Find her on the path north of the village, and be prepared to fend off any aggressive wildlife.
  • You have dispatched the threat on the path to Stonegazer. It seems, however, that Eueliss could use a hand getting to her feet...
  • Eueliss recovers quickly and continues on her way. At this pace, you will soon arrive at Stonegazer.
  • Once at Stonegazer, Eueliss addresses a man by the name of Sai-Lewq, who appears to be a close friend of her father. It seems she would surrender to him the role of mayor, but Sai-Lewq refuses to consider the proposal unless Eueliss completes for him a number of tasks. The first of these tasks─the acquisition of a sickle─takes you back to the village of Wright...
  • Returned to the village once more, Eueliss soon comes into possession of the requested sickle. The suddenly tense exchange between her and a villager, however, leads her to explain more of the incident which befell the people of Wright the year before─a tragedy which culminated in her father taking his own life. A determined Eueliss nevertheless bids you accompany her back to Stonegazer and Sai-Lewq.
  • Eueliss hands the sickle to her father's friend, but is obviously distressed by Sai-Lewq's stubborn refusal of reality. She thanks you again for the escort, and your continued presence at her side.