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Supplying Estimates

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Supplying Estimates

Quest giver
Kholusia (X:18.8, Y:17.2)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestThe View from Above
Experience 54,000-57,240
Gil 606
Next quest
Side QuestHobgob Smacker

Grawley needs estimates and he needs them now.

— In-game description



  • Request supply estimates from the villagers.


  • Grawley needs estimates and he needs them now.


Starting Quest

Grawley: Listen, friend, I'm run off my feet here. I need someone to take stock of our remaining food stores, and you just volunteered.

Grawley: Nigh everything this village needs to survive is hauled up from the lowlands, and it matters don't settle down soon... Well, I won't be surprised when Wright and Stilltide begin hoarding goods instead of selling 'em. Not unless it's for an outrageous price.

Grawley: Anyway, that's enough speculation. I need estimates - accurate estimates, mind you - from them what's in charge of our edibles. Grains, grog, and meats. Off you hop.

Talking to Villagers

Walmet: Hmmm. I'd say we have more than enough dried meat to go around. There was peril in the hunt, but the haul was plentiful.

Zumie-Shai: <sigh> We've put a good dent in the liquor we got from the dwarves, so we might have to make do with water at some point. At least we've a fresh source with the river nearby.

Grainkeeper: Grawley wants an estimate? Well you can tell him, "Not bloody much." We'll need to think of something 'cause we're runnin' low on both grain and beans...

Finishing Quest

Grawley: So, where do we stand?

Grawley: ...Grain is a problem, then. I'll see if we can't trade our surplus meat in Wright for a few sacks of barley and the like.

Grawley: That will get us through for the moment, but we'll need to come up with a long-term plan...

Grawley: ...Well, I'll think of something. Thanks for doing the legwork, friend! Say, have you ever considered taking up work as a quartermaster...?