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Learning to Lali-ho

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Learning to Lali-ho

A Disagreeable Dwarf Image.JPG
Quest giver
Kholusia (X:11.0, Y:11.8)
Experience 54,000-57,240
Gil 788
Previous quest
A Practiced Greeting
Next quest
Ronitt to the Rescue

Ronitt is ready to return to Tomra.

— In-game description




  • Speak with Ronitt.
  • Speak with Ronitt.
  • Speak with Ronitt.
  • Speak with Beott.


  • Ronitt is ready to return to Tomra.
  • Ronitt has built up his courage, meaning to greet the first friendly person he sees upon his return to the village. He asks that you follow him back into Tomra, and witness his attempts to perform a proper greeting.
  • Ronitt's first attempt is spoiled by an attack of nerves, and the object of his salutation flees in surprise. Not willing to give up, Ronitt moves on to his second target...
  • Once again, Ronitt's nerves get the best of him. For a moment, he is assailed by doubt, but seeing you there at his side gives him the courage to forge on. Maybe this time...
  • The young dwarf approaches Xemutt and digs down deep to unleash a thunderous “lali-ho.” The sheer volume of the greeting draws a small crowd of villagers, shocked to see a side of Ronitt they never knew existed. Overjoyed with his success, Ronitt suggests you go with him to visit his mother, Beott, and share the happy news.
  • Beott is overjoyed to witness the change that has come over her son, and showers you with gratitude. For his own part, Ronitt seems eager to continue shouting out lali-hos and building on the new friendships he has found.