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Good, Honest Dirt

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Good, Honest Dirt

Quest giver
Kholusia (X:18.5, Y:17.9)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestThe View from Above
Experience 54,000-57,240
Gil 606

Sylgran is looking for a second opinion.

— In-game description


  • Inspect dirt mounds.


  • Sylgran is looking for a second opinion.


Starting Quest

Sylgran: Greetings, stranger, and well met. They say folks don't often go out of their way to visit Amity. Me, though, I came here with a mind to raise crops.

Sylgran: ...What, you don't think a man could farm this land? Well, you seem like a well-traveled lass.

Sylgran: Why don't you head over to my "field" back there, and take a look for yourself. I'd be curious to know what you think my chances are of taming this barren soil...

Finishing Quest

Sylgran: So, what did you think of my crop?

Sylgran: Oho, one of the seeds had sprouted? That's wonderful news! I had no such luck with my previous attempt.

Sylgran: Aye, even a small victory like that is worthy of celebration - it brings me one step closer to turning my little plot into the farmer's field I now dream of...

Sylgran: ...A dream some say will never come true. And yet scratching here in the dirt has already brought me more fulfillment than I ever felt from the empty life I lived in Eulmore.

Sylgran: Not that I wasn't terrified when they first kicked me out the gate, mind you! Exiled over some petty disagreement, and destitute but for the few pieces of jewelry I concealed upon my person...

Sylgran: The sale of those trinkets brought in some meager wealth, which has largely gone towards my agricultural endeavor.

Sylgran: This, should my crops fail to produce a harvest ere my funds are depleted, I shall be left with nothing in this world. Ah, I have never felt so alive! Here, friend - a few coins for your services.