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A Practiced Greeting

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A Practiced Greeting

Quest giver
Kholusia (X:13.5, Y:8.3)

Experience ?????
"?????" is not a number.
Gil 788
Previous quest
Almost a Friend
Next quest
Learning to Lali-ho

Ronitt appears to be appraising his relationship with you.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Ronitt.
  • Defeat the cracked Talos.
  • Aid Ronitt.
  • /rally Ronitt's spirits.


  • Ronitt appears to be appraising his relationship with you.
  • Ronitt has decided that you and he are friends, and as such, the young dwarf takes your advice to improve his greetings to heart. Still uncomfortable with the idea of approaching his fellow villagers, however, Ronitt rushes off to find an alternative practice partner...
  • Ronitt locates a malfunctioning Talos on which to test a hearty “lali-ho,” but, despite his best efforts, he cannot overcome his self-defensive instinct to twist greeting into insult. The Talos, meanwhile, does not take well to this barrage of hostile blather and chases after the stammering dwarf. It seems your new friend is in need of rescuing.
  • The enraged golem falls at your feet, defeated. Ronitt, however, has failed to notice that the battle is over.
  • You shake Ronitt from his terror, but a fresh wave of frustration sends him stumbling off into the distance. Find the discouraged dwarf, and /rally his spirits.
  • Expressing disbelief at your relentless kindness, Ronitt nevertheless seems willing to work on his stunted sense of social grace. With you at his side, he may just yet muster the courage to perform a “lali-ho” worthy of a dwarf.



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