It Was a Very Good Year

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Shamani Lohmani - Eastern La Noscea (x21, y21)
Requirements Level 33
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 16380    Gil 1289
Goobbue sproutling icon1.png
Previous Quest Next Quest
Battle Scars A Final Ignominy




  • Search for the goobbue near the juggernaut.


  • Shamani Lohmani is brimming with glee, and he wishes to share the reason why with you.
  • Shamani Lohmani has determined that the leaves Drest used to seal his palm wine coconut shells are none other than those of the legendary Bacchus grape vine. Eager to confirm his assertions, he bids you take one of the leaves back to Drest and press him for more information.
  • Drest had no idea that the leaves were so rare, and he states that he found them near the crashed juggernaut to the south of the Severed String. He did not see any grape-bearing vines in the region, but he did notice fresh goobbue tracks, which leads him to believe that the Bacchus vines may be growing on the back of a wandering goobbue. Search for the goobbue near the juggernaut, but be prepared to defend yourself if the creature turns hostile.
  • Having encroached upon the goobbue's territory, you have no choice but to slay it. Fortunately, as Drest suspected, the beast was indeed the source of the Bacchus leaves. Having collected a pristine cutting of the grape vine, you may now return to Wineport and present it to Shamani Lohmani.
  • Moments after Shamani Lohmani confirms that you have brought him a cutting of Bacchus vine, Byrglaent storms outside to see the truth for himself. He confirms Shamani Lohmani's claim, and is subsequently shocked by the blind vintner's decision to give him the Bacchus cutting free of charge. Moved by Shamani Lohmani's simple desire to see the Bacchus vineyards restored to their former glory, Byrglaent bequeaths to him a bottle of 1547 Bacchus, arguably the finest wine ever produced. Having at last obtained a suitable wine for Master Gegeruju's banquet, the blind vintner entrusts the bottle to you, and bids you deliver it to Wheiskaet at Costa del Sol.
  • Wheiskaet is not ignorant of your wine's stellar reputation, and he declares that this will be the most luxurious feast Costa del Sol has seen in years.