Battle Scars

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Battle Scars

Quest giver
Eastern La Noscea (X:14.0, Y:30.3)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Required items
3 Palm Wine Icon.png  Palm Wine
Experience 14,280
Gil 1,289
Previous quest
That Weight
Next quest
It Was a Very Good Year

Drest appears to be in greater control of his faculties

— In-game description



  • Drest appears to be in greater control of his faculties.
  • The blind vintner immediately identifies the palm wine with his impeccable sense of smell. Grateful for the gesture, he reflects upon the similarities between himself and the troubled man. Shamani Lohmani then thanks you for looking after Drest, with whom he resolves to spend more time.


Drest: I...I wish to thank Shamani for the wine. That...that was overly kind... Would you be willing to bear a gift back to him?
Drest: Earlier today/Last night at Red Mantis Falls, I collected the sap from nearby palm trees. If...if placed in coconut shells and stored for a few bells' time, makes for a fine wine, see... It should be ready by now.
Drest: I left three shells out there. Please, take them to Shamani for me. I'm...I'm glad he's moved on with his life. I hope to one day do the same... 
Shamani Lohmani: It has been some time, [Forename]. What news do you have of Drest?
Shamani Lohmani: <sniff> <sniff> Ah, yes, I recall he did have some knowledge of winemaking. A simplistic but nevertheless effective method that utilizes the natural properties of palm sap. I shall have to enjoy this batch before it spoils.
Shamani Lohmani: We are not so different, Drest and I. Two men who have long struggled not to let our scars define us...
Shamani Lohmani: I worry that he has been alone with his thoughts for far too long.
Shamani Lohmani: Aye, it is past time I paid him a visit. Thank you for looking after him, [Forename].