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Defined by Loss

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Defined by Loss

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Quest giver
Kholusia (X:16.5, Y:28.4)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Role Quests
Tank role.png Tank
Experience 221,760
Gil 2,163
Previous quest
Feature QuestShaped by Tragedy
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Princess and Her Knight

Granson would like nothing more than to leave Wright behind.

— In-game description



  • Granson would like nothing more than to leave Wright behind.
  • One element of the attack on Wright a year ago still sticks in Granson's mind: the Fangs of Orthus, the bracelet that Granson's beloved was working to restore, which the eater Dikaiosyne took with him when he left. Eaters are creatures of base instinct that care not for worldly possessions, so this curious behavior would seem to set him apart from his brethren. In any event, it would behoove you to learn more about the bracelet, perhaps by questioning the trader who had commissioned Milinda to restore it─a man who calls Eulmore home...
  • Sensing an opportunity to recover his “stolen” goods, the trader tells you of how he purchased the bracelet from a traveling peddler who claimed it was a relic of the fallen Kingdom of Voeburt. Coincidentally, a relic with a similar design─a choker─has recently surfaced in Mord Souq, and the merchant has a mind to purchase it as well...
  • Like the merchant, Granson suspects there is a connection between the two pieces given the supposed similarity of the design. A trip to Mord Souq would appear to be in order.
  • As before, Granson proposes that the two of you make separate inquiries, asking after the choker. Hopefully you will have better luck than you did in Wright...
  • In a surprising twist, you happen to question a woman who knows of the piece you speak, for her husband is the owner. Granson should be pleased to learn of your discovery.
  • Granson would brook no delay and declares that you must hurry to find the scavenger, for so long as he is in possession of the choker, he remains a target for Dikaiosyne.
  • Alas, you locate the scavenger too late, for the Virtue beats you to the punch and transforms him into a sin eater before leaving with the Voeburtite choker. The misshapen fiend then turns to face you, an all-too-familiar hunger in its eyes...
  • You grant the scavenger the only mercy you can. Granson will not be pleased with this outcome, but such is life.
  • Granson is understandably dismayed to learn of the scavenger's death and Dikaiosyne's escape, but what is done is done. Rather than discuss the next step in the wild where more eaters could be roaming about, he bids you both return to Mord Souq.
  • Though you have lost both the choker and Dikaiosyne, the greater tragedy is undeniably the scavenger's death. Being no stranger to such things, Granson states that he will inform the widow, and that you will continue your hunt for the eater another day.