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GATEs, or Gold Saucer Active Time Events, are FATE-like events within the Gold Saucer, consisting of mini-game challenges that reward participants with MGP. GATE events occur every 20 minutes, and at the following times one of three events will be chosen at random:

GATEThe Slice Is Right

GATEAir Force One

GATELeap of Faith

GATEAny Way the Wind Blows


Players walk around the stage area and find a place to stand, and Typhon will appear after a notification appears on the screen telling you not to move. Any players caught up in his Snort AoE attack will be blown off the stage, and points will be divided up between those players who are left on the stage at the end. This is a game simply based on luck.


The mission statement of the Gold Saucer's founder, Godbert Manderville, states that all are welcome to seek employment at the Gold Saucer, regardless of race, nation, or creed. It's even said a kindly voidsent has joined their ranks after an aborted gladiatorial career. If you believe you can withstand his gale-force nasal eruptions, seek out the thaumaturge in Event Square!



In this GATE, you have to rescue a stranded chocobo chick that has climbed to the upper-reached of Mt. Corel, the rocky structure in the middle of Round Square. You'll need to run and jump your way along the treacherous path to the peak.

As you climb, goblins will be tossing bombs down around you.  If you get caught in the blast of a bomb, it will knock you away from the bomb's location, usually causing you to fall off the path and thus needing to start from the beginning of the climb again (though it can instead knock you into a wall, or along the path, depending on your position relative to the bomb when it explodes).
  • You can restart the activity by speaking to the NPC, or by simply running around the base of the structure to the start point and jumping back up.


The stage is set: high atop a lofty locale, a wayward chocobo chick with a wont for wanderlust chirps out in distress. Are you adventurer enough to brave the heights and rescue the frightened hatchling from its feather-raising plight!?

GATESkinchange We Can Believe In


A mischevious imp has disguised itself to look exactly the same as an NPC. There will be a lot of NPCs that look almost identical, so you'll have to identify subtle differences among them to find the fiendish impostor. The differences can be anything from facial features to their shoes, hats, weapons, etc. If people are crowding the NPC, you can select them and take a closer, uninterrupted view.

You have a lot of time to complete this task, so make sure you're absolutely certain before you choose.

  • Note that you cannot restart the activity if you fail.


Imps, imps, everywhere! With the Gold Saucer suffering from an imp infestation, the management recruited a contingent of adventurers to purge the voidsent pests. To their dismay, the imps transformed themselves into the spitting images of their would-be hunters and dashed off into the crowds! Can you identify friend from foe quickly enough to put an end to the two-faced threat!?

GATEThe Time of My Life


This GATE involves NPCs who perform four random emotes, and you have to remember the pattern and perform them in the same order. Note that the emotes aren't shown as text, so you need to watch the NPCs. This is repeated four times, and you need to execute at least ten successful emotes.


Do you dance a mean Manderville? Is your Bomb Dance positively explosive? At the Gold Saucer, we are ever looking to shine the spotlight on the finest young dancers in Eorzea! Prove yourself on the grand stage and it just might be your first step into Ul'dahn high society.