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GATEs, or Gold Saucer Active Time Events, are FATE-like events within the Gold Saucer, consisting of mini-game challenges that reward participants with MGP MGP. GATE events occur every 20 minutes, and at the following times one of three events will be chosen at random:

GATEThe Slice Is Right

Hailing from the Far East, the mysterious swordsman Yojimbo descends upon the Gold Saucer! Only those with lightning-quick reflexes and the providence of the kami will be able to withstand his onslaught and reign victorious in the ultimate test of skill...and sheer luck.

— Lodestone Gold Saucer page

The Slice Is Right is a GATE in Gold Saucer added in Patch 5.1. Avoid Yojimbo's attacks and reap rich rewards.

How to Participate

Speak with the Strangely Garbed Gentleman at the Gold Saucer (X:7.6 Y:4.7)

Tips and Tricks

Yojimbo will summon bamboo stalks and quickly slice through them. The cut he makes will determine how they fall:

  • A single diagonal cut will cause the bamboo to fall in the direction of the cut, causing a line AoE.
  • Multiple diagonal cuts cause the bamboo to fall in a circular AoE.
  • A single vertical cut will split the bamboo in half, causing line AoEs on opposite sides of the bamboo.

Standing where bamboo is going to emerge, or getting hit by falling bamboo will cause you to fail the GATE.
If you find it difficult to see the bamboo slices, try zooming out, adjusting your camera's tilt angle or hiding your HUD. It makes no difference what job you run the GATE as. Entering the GATE arena applies a persistent debuff that that prevents the usage of all abilities and disables all passive effects (such a Ninja's increased movement speed from their Fleet of Foot.png  Fleet of Foot trait).

Part 1: Yojimbo summons 1 bamboo stalk once, then 2 bamboo stalks twice.
Part 2: Spectator NPCs throw 4 piles of gold onto the stage and Yojimbo summons Daigoro to collect them. Collect piles yourself to earn extra MGP. Standing in Daigoro's path or near a pile when he jumps will cause you to fail the GATE. Watch the direction Daigoro faces to know which pile he's going to jump to next.
Part 3: Yojimbo summons 2 bamboo stalks twice, then 3 bamboo stalks once.
Part 4: Yojimbo spawns 3 giant cups, one containing a pile of gold, one containing Daigro, one containing nothing. He then rapidly swaps and spins them, akin to a real-world shell game, then divides the platform into thirds, each containing one cup. You must decide which section to stand in and receive whatever ends up being in that cup. You will not be able to move starting just before the cups are revealed. If the cup in your section contains the pile of gold, your MGP reward thus far in the event is doubled. If your section contains Daigro, you're knocked from the arena. If your cup is empty, you simply continue to the next phase. This is completely luck-based, the animation moves too quickly to track, and analysis of both the animation beforehand and the rapid spin at the end show that the animation has no relationship to the reward placement.
Part 5: Yojimbo summons 3 bamboo stalks twice, then 4 bamboo stalks thrice.


Part 1: MGP 1,000 MGP
Part 2: MGP 1,000 MGP per pile
Part 3: MGP 2,000 MGP
Part 4: Doubles current winnings / Nothing / Failure
Part 5: MGP 2,000 MGP

You will fail the GATE when either struck by Yojimbo or after falling off the stage, at which time you will receive a reward commensurate to your progress in the GATE and any additional MGP earned.

  • No MGP will be received when voluntarily leaving the stage.

The most MGP you can win is MGP 12,000 by dodging all bamboo, collecting 2 piles of gold and getting the pile of gold reward from the cup phase.

GATEAir Force One

Ready. Aim. Fire! Strap into the Air Force and shoot the cactuar targets to rack up a high score for a handsome MGP reward.

— Lodestone Gold Saucer page

Air Force One is a GATE in Gold Saucer added in Patch 4.5. Air Force One is a shooter ride wherein players board the Air Force (Mount) Icon.png  Air Force and attempt to shoot as many targets as possible while riding along a preset course.

Upon reaching the end, players will receive MGP commensurate with their rank and score.

How to Participate

Speak with Sabotender Guia in the Gold Saucer (X:4.9 Y:4.8) at the scheduled time to register.

  • You cannot register while in a party.


Rank Score MGP
Perfect 5,000 MGP 4,000
S 4,000~4,999 MGP 3,000
A 1,500~3,999 MGP 1,500
B 500~1,499 MGP 500
C 0~499 MGP 100

Although shooting Ruby Bombs will lower your score, it cannot go below 0.

GATELeap of Faith

Hop, skip, and jump your way to the top in this death-defying test of athleticism. Will you climb straightway to the finish line, or claim trophies precariously perched along the way? To scale the course's dizzying heights will require strong legs, and a stronger stomach. Or perhaps one need only take a leap of faith.

— Lodestone Gold Saucer page

Leap of Faith is a GATE in Gold Saucer.


The objective of this GATE is to reach the goal point by jumping to various platforms while also collecting cactuar trophies.

The GATE ends when time expires or players reach the goal point.

How to Participate

Players can register to participate by speaking with Sabotender Guia in the Gold Saucer (X:4.9 Y:4.8).

To register with a party, all party members must be present in the Gold Saucer when the party leader speaks with Sabotender Guia. However, any players who have already participated in the GATE at that particular time slot will be unable to repeat it.

  • Players cannot enter using a cross-world party.

The Fall of Belah'dia

The original Leap of Faith stage introduced in patch 4.4.

The Falling City of Nym

The stage was introduced in patch 5.2.


The stage was introduced in patch 6.3.


Players who reach the goal point in the allotted time will receive MGP 2,000 MGP. Otherwise, they will only receive MGP 100 MGP.

Additional MGP can be earned by collecting cactuar trophies placed on platforms throughout the course. Please note that, so long as you do not choose to leave the instance, you can continue to collect trophies after reaching the goal point.

Trophy MGP
Gilded Cactuar MGP 500
Silver Cactuar MGP 300
Bronze Cactuar MGP 100

GATEAny Way the Wind Blows

The mission statement of the Gold Saucer's founder, Godbert Manderville, states that all are welcome to seek employment at the Gold Saucer, regardless of race, nation, or creed. It's even said a kindly voidsent has joined their ranks after an aborted gladiatorial career. But who can withstand his gale-force nasal eruptions?

— Lodestone Gold Saucer page


Players walk around the stage area and find a place to stand, and Typhon will appear after a notification appears on the screen telling you not to move. Any players caught up in his Snort.png  Snort AoE attack will be blown off the stage, and points will be divided up between those players who are left on the stage at the end. This is a game simply based on luck.


High atop a lofty locale, a wayward chocobo chick with a wont for wanderlust chirps out in distress. Are you adventurer enough to brave the heights and rescue the frightened hatchling!?

— Lodestone Gold Saucer page


In this GATE, you have to rescue a stranded chocobo chick that has climbed to the upper-reached of Mt. Corel, the rocky structure in the middle of Round Square. You'll need to run and jump your way along the treacherous path to the peak.

As you climb, goblins will be tossing bombs down around you. If you get caught in the blast of a bomb, it will knock you away from the bomb's location, usually causing you to fall off the path and thus needing to start from the beginning of the climb again (though it can instead knock you into a wall, or along the path, depending on your position relative to the bomb when it explodes).

  • You can restart the activity by speaking to the NPC, or by simply running around the base of the structure to the start point and jumping back up.


GATEs are associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Enemy at the gate i icon1.png  Enemy at the GATE I 5 Successfully complete a GATE. - 2.51
Enemy at the gate ii icon1.png  Enemy at the GATE II 5 Successfully complete 30 GATEs. - 2.51
Enemy at the gate iii icon1.png  Enemy at the GATE III 10 Successfully complete 100 GATEs. Achievement title icon.png Keymaster (Male) / Gatekeeper (Female) 2.51
Wtfungah i icon1.png  WTFungah I 5 Successfully complete the GATE “Any Way the Wind Blows.” - 2.51
Wtfungah ii icon1.png  WTFungah II 5 Successfully complete the GATE “Any Way the Wind Blows” 5 times. - 2.51
Wtfungah iii icon1.png  WTFungah III 10 Successfully complete the GATE “Any Way the Wind Blows” 10 times. Achievement title icon.png The Fungah 2.51
One small leap icon1.png  One Small Leap 5 Obtain a gilded cactuar in the GATE "Leap of Faith." - 4.4
Ten small leaps icon1.png  Ten Small Leaps 5 Obtain a total of 10 gilded cactuars from the GATE "Leap of Faith." - 4.4
Twenty small leaps icon1.png  Twenty Small Leaps 10 Obtain a total of 20 gilded cactuars from the GATE "Leap of Faith." - 4.4
Air force won i icon1.png  Air Force Won I 5 Record a perfect score in the GATE "Air Force One." - 4.5
Air force won ii icon1.png  Air Force Won II 5 Record a perfect score in the GATE "Air Force One" 10 times. - 4.5
Air force won iii icon1.png  Air Force Won III 10 Record a perfect score in the GATE "Air Force One" 20 times. - 4.5
Right on the money i icon1.png  Right on the Money I 5 Successfully complete the GATE The Slice Is Right. - 5.1
Right on the money ii icon1.png  Right on the Money II 5 Successfully complete the GATE The Slice Is Right 5 times. - 5.1
Right on the money iii icon1.png  Right on the Money III 10 Successfully complete the GATE The Slice Is Right 10 times. Achievement title icon.png Kindred Sword 5.1

Retired GATEs

GATESkinchange We Can Believe In

The Gold Saucer suffers from an imp infestation, and the management recruited a contingent of adventurers to purge the voidsent pests. To their dismay, the imps the imps transformed themselves into the spitting images of their would-be hunters. Can you identify friend from foe quickly enough to put an end to the two-faced threat!?

— Patch 2.51 Notes


A mischevious imp has disguised itself to look exactly the same as an NPC. There will be a lot of NPCs that look almost identical, so you'll have to identify subtle differences among them to find the fiendish impostor. The differences can be anything from facial features to their shoes, hats, weapons, etc. If people are crowding the NPC, you can select them and take a closer, uninterrupted view.

You have a lot of time to complete this task, so make sure you're absolutely certain before you choose.

  • Note that you cannot restart the activity if you fail.

GATEThe Time of My Life

Do you dance a mean Manderville? Is your Bomb Dance positively explosive? The Gold Saucer is ever looking to shine the spotlight on the finest young dancers in Eorzea! Prove yourself on the grand stage and it just might be your first step into Ul'dahn high society.

— Patch 2.51 Notes


This GATE involves NPCs who perform four random emotes, and you have to remember the pattern and perform them in the same order. Note that the emotes aren't shown as text, so you need to watch the NPCs. This is repeated four times, and you need to execute at least ten successful emotes.

GATEVase Off

En route to the Gold Saucer: a shipment of priceless Thorne Dynasty vases. The Jolly Raptor has been entrusted with the delivery, but the shipping conglomerate has reason to believe that a band of unscrupulous brigands has set their sights on the cargo. Are you stealthy and surreptitious enough to deliver the goods to their destination while steering clear of the bandits' greedy gaze?

— Patch 2.51 Notes