Cemi Jinjahl

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Cemi Jinjahl

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Female ♀
Miqo'te (Keeper of the Moon)
New Gridania (11.7,13.2)
Quest NPC

"Live, love, and craft to fulfill the needs of others -that is the way of the carpenter."

Just seventeen years of age, this keeper of the moon was born to a destitute family that could scarcely afford a bed to sleep on. So it was that the gentle-hearted young Cemi took an interest in carpentry, gifting her first finished work -a comfortable chair- to her mother, long plagued by an aching back. Though there is no denying her natural talent -her precision with a saw is second to none- her overzealous nature makes her susceptible to careless mistakes. When a simple misunderstanding leads her to believe that the guild is on verge of financial collapse, she takes it upon herself to journey to the Far East in search of a solution. No doubt owing to her humble upbringing she still has the ravenous appetite of a street urchin even now that she is comparatively well-compensated.

— In-game description

Cemi Jinjahl is a Miqo'te found in New Gridania.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
A Lesson in Listening Class quest 65 Cemi Jinjahl
Tea Party Rules Class quest 70 Cemi Jinjahl

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Uncharted Territory Class quest 60 Beatin
The Game of Confidence Class quest 63 Beatin
Live and Let Dine Class quest 68 Kotokaze

Additional Information


Cemi is a hardworking member of the Carpenters' Guild, using her skills to work from a destitute young woman to a renowned Carpenter in her own right. She worked alongside the Warrior of Light to craft various furnishings for the Umineko Teahouse to help earn money for the guild when she believed that it was in dire financial straits.

She also aids in repairing the divide between the Ala Mhigan and Gridanian people with a tea ceremony by crafting furnishings to hold the ceremony in proper fashion. With these successes under her belt, she strives to work harder to be as good a craftsman as the Warrior of Light, and works in the guild to achieve this.