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Tea Party Rules

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Tea Party Rules

Uncharted Territory.png
Quest giver
Cemi Jinjahl
New Gridania (X:10.7, Y:11.9)
Required items
1 Teahouse bench materials icon1.png  Teahouse Bench Materials
1 Teahouse bench icon1.png  Teahouse Bench HQ icon.png
Experience 2,889,000
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestLive and Let Dine

Cemi is desperately trying to catch your attention.

— In-game description




This is the final class quest. In Shadowbringers, Crystarium Deliveries replace class quests for Disciples of the Hand and Land.



  • Cemi is desperately trying to catch your attention.
  • Cemi informs you that you are needed back at the Carpenters' Guild, as Timbermaster Beatin has a client he would like for you to meet with.
  • The client who awaits you is none other than Gairhard. He explains that, ever since his unit's heroic victory over Ixal forces, new recruits have been pouring in─the latest batch being a mixture of Ala Mhigans and Gridanians who took an immediate dislike to one another. In an attempt to promote harmony, Gairhard held a tea party, only for things to go terribly awry. Now tensions are on a knife-edge, and he has come to the Carpenters' Guild hoping you might have a solution. Beatin suggests that you and Cemi begin by talking with the new recruits at the Adders' Nest to assess what you can do to dispel the unpleasant feelings between them.
  • You hear from a Gridanian recruit that an Ala Mhigan counterpart served his homeland's tea at what was supposed to be a neutral setting. Aggrieved by what they took to be blatant disrespect for their culture, the Gridanians are far from willing to forgive the Ala Mhigans, much less befriend them. You have heard one side of the story; it would be prudent to hear the other.
  • The Ala Mhigans saw serving their tea to the Gridanians as a way to share their culture. However, instead of politely receiving the tea, the Gridanians looked down their nose at it. Incensed by this spurning of their goodwill, the Ala Mhigans now refuse to associate with anyone but themselves. Having given both sides their say, you may now return to Timbermaster Beatin with any ideas you might have to restore relations between the two factions.
  • Timbermaster Beatin believes your idea of holding a tea party in Far Eastern fashion has merit, as it will provide the recruits with the necessary atmosphere to work out their differences. For such a tea party to take place, however, certain Kugane-style furnishings must first be made. As one of the two carpenters to have experienced firsthand the wonders of the tea houses in the Far East, it is up to you to craft them. Fashion a high-quality teahouse bench and present it to Gairhard.
  • You present your teahouse bench to Gairhard, who is unaware of what he is looking at, prompting Beatin to step in and explain its virtues. Cemi then presents her own handiwork, and to everyone's surprise, it turns out to be an identical bench to yours. While Gairhard rounds up his men for another tea party, Beatin instructs you and Cemi to take the benches to the Apkallu Falls and arrange them in such a way as to replicate the tea houses of Kugane.
  • Gairhard's second attempt to bring his new recruits together through a tea party is a rousing success. The Ala Mhigan and Gridanian initiates bond over the exquisite Far Eastern furnishings and food, and soon excited chatter and joyous laughter ring through the private coves of the Apkallu Falls. Your mission thus accomplished, you may rejoin Beatin and Cemi at the Carpenters' Guild with an easy heart.
  • Timbermaster Beatin offers you and Cemi his unreserved praise. In particular, he notes that Cemi has begun to think more like you─a master of her art. While her furnishings are still lacking in quality, he points out that the customer's satisfaction is the most important thing, and encourages her to continue dedicating herself to her craft. Inspired by his words, Cemi rushes off to train. Last of all, Beatin thanks you for all your help, adding that he hopes you continue to use your gods-given talents to assist all those in need.