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The Game of Confidence

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The Game of Confidence

Uncharted Territory.png
Quest giver
New Gridania (X:10.3, Y:12.3)
Required items
1 Dressing case materials icon1.png  Dressing Case Materials
1 Lavish dressing case icon1.png  Lavish Dressing Case
Experience 1,557,875
Gil 1,938
Previous quest
Uncharted Territory
Next quest
A Lesson in Listening

Timbermaster Beatin has news regarding Cemi.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Timbermaster Beatin has news regarding Cemi.
  • Upon receiving a letter from Cemi that rambles on about the delicious foods available in Hingashi, Beatin grows concerned that his young apprentice has lost sight of her true purpose there. Along with a new set of directives, he decides to send a trustworthy individual to join her in Kugane in order to keep her on track. That individual is you.
  • You speak briefly with Cemi and inform her of Beatin's orders: the two of you are to seek out troubled citizens and use your carpentry skills to solve their problems. Without missing a beat, she suggests splitting up and searching around town for folk in need of your saw and hammer.
  • You come across Cemi in the company of a distraught woman. Turning sheepishly to you, she begins to explain what happened, but is quickly cut off. As the lady before her tells it, owing to her plain features, she is always overlooked by everyone she meets and suffers from severe self-confidence issues. When Cemi approached her with the offer of help, she though it a chance to finally overcome the sad hand life dealt her...only to have the apprentice fiddle with her tools without trying to listen. Ashamed at the unnecessary anguish she has caused, Cemi promises to find a way to fix her problem. Certain that the Mujikoza actors hold the key to standing out from a crowd, she asks that you go and interview them while she escorts the woman to the nearby Shiokaze Hostelry.
  • You speak with the actors who mostly suggest using cosmetics. A light touch here and there can change both how the world sees you and how you see yourself, they claim, and these positive changes within and without will help you cultivate self-confidence. This knowledge should be worth sharing with Cemi, who awaits you at the Shiokaze Hostelry.
  • You and Cemi conclude that a box in which she can store cosmetics will help the apprehensive woman become more self-assured. Allowing her easy access to all her brushes and powders, it is apparently the best remedy for a broken spirit. Craft a high-quality lavish dressing case and deliver it to the lady.
  • You present the lavish dressing case to your client and explain what the playhouse actors had to say about self-confidence. Deciding to take their suggestion, she thanks you and Cemi for your help and wishes you the best of luck in your journey. As she leaves, Cemi turns to you, with an eager expression on her face. Speak with the young carpenter and see what she has to say.
  • While disappointed by her own inability to deliver products to the satisfaction of her clients, Cemi is determined to do whatever it takes to become a top-tier craftsman. She tells you of how she intends to train in the upcoming days and weeks to elevate her skills. Hoping that you will join in on her quest to improve her woodworking prowess, she suggests you also take up the saw and hammer and build upon your current skill set. You part ways, promising to come back together to assist the people of Kugane in their furniture-related plights when you deem yourself ready to do so.