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A Lesson in Listening

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A Lesson in Listening

Uncharted Territory.png
Quest giver
Cemi Jinjahl
Kugane (X:10.3, Y:9.8)
Required items
1 Pipe box materials icon1.png  Pipe Box Materials
1 Stylish pipe box icon1.png  Stylish Pipe Box
Experience 1,758,750
Gil 890
Previous quest
The Game of Confidence
Next quest
Live and Let Dine

Cemi is bouncing on the balls of her feet with uncontained excitement.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Cemi is bouncing on the balls of her feet with uncontained excitement.
  • Cemi tells you that she has been working hard to improve her carpentry skills. As proof of her renewed dedication, she has found another client, a lady by the name of Ume, who runs the Umineko Teahouse. As a matter of fact, she has already finished making the requested item and is about to deliver it to her client. Certain her handiwork will be well received, Cemi then asks that you come along with her to witness her finest accomplishment yet.
  • Cemi presents a sign to Ume, whose face turns dark with displeasure. The teahouse owner complains that she requested an item to help her establish a group of regular patrons, not an advertisement aimed at the general community. At a complete loss, Cemi appeals to you for help. The shop owner takes notice, and assigns the task to you instead. It falls to you to craft an item that will improve the ambiance of her teahouse, and in order establish what exactly that is, Ume suggests speaking with some of her customers.
  • You speak with some of the customers at the teahouse. While they praise the food and drink, they feel the shop wants for ways for them to pass the time, one popular suggestion being a place to enjoy their pipe. Now enlightened as to what the customers are looking for, you may return to the Shiokaze Hostelry and discuss with Cemi what you can make for Ume.
  • Together with Cemi, you toss about a few ideas on what items would generate the type of business the teahouse owner seeks. You come to the conclusion that a pipe box would serve best by offering guests the means to relax with a pipe. With the item thus decided, you may set about crafting a fine sample of it to present to Ume.
  • Ume is pleased by the pipe box, and tells you she believes it has great potential—a conversation which is interrupted by Beatin. One quick appraisal by him of what you crafted and a bad joke later, the teahouse owner disappears back to her shop, and the timbermaster begins lightly chastising Cemi for leaving all the carpentry to you. Going on to stress the importance of failure when it comes to learning, he urges her to take a more active role in her own education. He then tells his youngest apprentice it is time for her to pack up her things and make for Yanxia in Doma, keeping all she learned in Kugane in mind. Vowing to do so, she rushes back to the Shiokaze Hostelry, where you best meet with her one last time.
  • Before Cemi departs, she meets with you to say that she will be sending you a letter upon her arrival in Yanxia and that you can pick it up from Kotokaze at the Shiokaze Hostelry. For now the two of you part ways, knowing your paths will once again converge in Doma.