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Byregot's Miracle

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Byregot's Miracle

Culinarian frame icon.png CUL (actions)
Alchemist frame icon.png ALC (actions)
Weaver frame icon.png WVR (actions)
Leatherworker frame icon.png LTW (actions)
Goldsmith frame icon.png GSM (actions)
Armorer frame icon.png ARM (actions)
Blacksmith frame icon.png BSM (actions)
Carpenter frame icon.png CRP (actions)
Specialty Action
CP Cost

Increases quality. Inner Quiet stack is halved upon use.

Efficiency: 100% plus 10% for each bonus to control granted by Inner Quiet
Success Rate: 70%

— In-game description

Byregot's Miracle is an action unlocked at level 58. It's available for CulinarianAlchemistWeaverLeatherworkerGoldsmithArmorerBlacksmithCarpenter.

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