Inner Quiet

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Inner Quiet

Culinarian frame icon.png CUL (traits)
Alchemist frame icon.png ALC (traits)
Weaver frame icon.png WVR (traits)
Leatherworker frame icon.png LTW (traits)
Goldsmith frame icon.png GSM (traits)
Armorer frame icon.png ARM (traits)
Blacksmith frame icon.png BSM (traits)
Carpenter frame icon.png CRP (traits)

Gain a stack of Inner Quiet with every increase in quality, up to a maximum of 10. Grants a 10% bonus to the efficiency of Touch actions for each stack.

— In-game description

Inner Quiet is a trait unlocked at level 11. It is available for CulinarianAlchemistWeaverLeatherworkerGoldsmithArmorerBlacksmithCarpenter.

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