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The Fifth Lord

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The Fifth Lord

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Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:37.4, Y:15.4)
Quest line
The Four Lords
Gil 1,277
Previous quest
Feature QuestSurpassing the Samurai
Next quest
Side QuestAn Auspicious Opportunity

The fate of the Ruby Sea hangs in the balance, and Seiryu is eager to play his part.

— In-game description







  • The fate of the Ruby Sea hangs in the balance, and Seiryu is eager to play his part.
  • Restored to his former self and wholly aware of the dire circumstances, Seiryu departs with all due haste for Reisen Temple. With luck, you and he will not be too late to prevent the mad auspice Koryu from breaking free...
  • You, Tataru, and Soroban stand by as the Four Lords bring their combined power to bear against Koryu, and for a moment, all proceeds according to plan. Alas, relief soon gives way to despair as the restored wards shatter, and the mad auspice emerges from the sacred crystal, the picture of rage personified. In a flash, he dispatches Genbu, and with him the last vestiges of hope. Your fates all but sealed, you join with the surviving auspices in a valiant yet futile last stand... only to find yourselves in the company of the lond-dead Tenzen. Yet even bolstered by the spirit's considerable strength, you are unable to beat back Koryu, until Soroban, in a noble act of sacrifice, summons the soul of the departed Genbu into in his body that the resurrected auspice might turn the tide, and together with you and his comrades imprison Koryu for millennia to come.
  • The Ruby Sea and her people shall live to see another day, but not without cost, for Soroban is no more... or is he? It would seem the Kojin's soul is possessed of immense spiritual strength, owing to this recent trials and tribulations. Accordingly, when he summoned Genbu's soul into his body, his own managed to endure; as a result, however, the auspice's resurrection is fleeting, and in time he will pass from this world as before. With his remaining time, he intends to train Soroban to succeed him as the next Genbu and take his place alongside his comrades as one of the Four Lords. Though he is by no means confident in his ability to rise to the occasion, the Kojin understands and appreciates the need for guardians to watch over the Ruby Sea, and is willing to do his best to live up to their expectations.
  • You go to each of Genbu's comrades in turn, who thank you for your assistance and muse on the unknown future. Byakko sees many battles in your future, and wishes you good fortune in the wars to come; Suzaku bids you come and visit again, for you will always hold a special place in her heart; Seiryu demands that you live long and grow strong, for he looks forward to a rematch. Parting words had, you rejoin a Tataru eager to receive the fabulous reward which first drew her to Hells' Lid.
  • The reward is indeed fabulous and more than makes up for the reckless purchase by a certain well-meaning youth that led you to pursue means by which you might replenish the coffers of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn in the first place. The collective is even willing to deliver the payment to the Ruby Bazaar in your stead, leaving you and Tataru to return to Tamamizu and inform Bunchin of Soroban's new role as a member of the Four Lords.
  • Bunchin is understandably surprised and saddened to heart that Soroban will not be returning to the village for quite some time, if not ever. Nevertheless, it fills him with pride to think that a Kojin of the Blue has been granted such a tremendous honor. Still, he cannot help but worry that Soroban might grow lonely in the days ahead, and so he asks that you make an effort to go and see him from time to time. And why would you not? For there are few places in the world one may enjoy the company of adorable and surly talking beasts!