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Feature Quest icon.png


Breaking New Ground.png
Quest giver
Foundation (X:12, Y:12)
Required items
10 Mythrite ore icon1.png  Mythrite Ore
Experience 663,390
Gil 1,338
Previous quest
Breaking New Ground
Next quest
The Same Vein

Haimirich is raring to go.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Mythrite ore icon1.png  Mythrite Ore is a HIDDEN item on the nodes, this means it is not always visible. Luck of the Mountaineer.png  Luck of the Mountaineer unlocked by the next Miner quest will allow you to reveal these items right away, so you only have to put up with it for this quest.



  • Haimirich is raring to go.
  • House Fortemps has asked that Oschon's Raiders survey the Coerthas western highlands. They are interested in the mythrite that may lie beneath the region. Haimirich therefore tasks you with discovering whether or not a sufficient quantity of pure ore can be pulled from underground. With your marching orders now set, Haimirich bids you join him and his men to the southwest of the Black Iron Bridge.
  • You find Oschon's Raiders idling near the base of the bridge. However, all jump to attention when Haimirich calls, and they listen attentively as he gives them their individual orders. Finally, he comes to you, and tells you to find ten chunks of mythrite ore in the area. Begin your search at the mineral deposits near the Gorgagne Holding, and return to Haimirich with your findings when finished.
  • Haimirich gladly accepts the mythrite ore just before Hatchling comes running with ill tidings─one of the Raiders has been injured. The Raider captain wastes no time in sending the man to Falcon's Nest for treatment, and then treats you and Hatchling to his thoughts on being a sellsword before returning to the Forgotten Knight. Meet with him there when you head back to Ishgard.
  • According to Haimirich, the wounded Raider will make a full recovery. He thanks you again, and bids you make yourself ready for when the next job comes down from House Fortemps.

※The next miner quest will be available from Haimirich upon reaching level 55.