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Quest giver
Jenomis cen Lexentale
The Prima Vista Bridge (X:6.1, Y:5.9)
Quest line
Return to Ivalice
Experience 0
Gil 4,500
Previous quest
Feature QuestDesire
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Path of Most Resistance

A solid plan of action must be devised before facing the Bangaa transformed

— In-game description





  • A preliminary examination of the lighthouse's exterior has led Ramza to conclude that the structure was built atop the ruins of an ancient metropolis known as the Clockwork City of Goug. Further investigation of the tower's interior is necessary to put the matter beyond doubt.
    The Ridorana Lighthouse can be accessed via the Duty Finder.


Accepting the Quest

Jenomis cen Lexentale: Much as I wish it were otherwise... I fear Ba'Gamnan is beyond saving. Yet we cannot suffer what is left of him to become a distraction.

Alma bas Lexentale: Father. Is now not the time to abandon this quest? We are meddling with forces beyond--

Ramza bas Lexentale: Enough, Alma. We adults are talking. While [Player] was searching for the lizard, I inspected an area of exposed foundation at the base of the lighthouse.

Jenomis cen Lexentale: And?

Ramza bas Lexentale: And you were right, Father! The lighthouse is built squarely atop the ruins of what can only be... the Clockwork City of Goug!

Lina Mewrilah: The what-work city of who?

Mikoto: According to the Zodiac Brave Story, the Clockwork City of Goug was a metallic metropolis wherein airships, automata, and other technological marvels of the age were first conceived. Little is said about its location, however, save that it was far away.

Jenomis cen Lexentale: 
  While the Durai Papers do not say a great deal more, they do mention that the land upon which the legendary city was built was severely limited -- an inconvenience that forced its inhabitants to build up, rather than out.
  Which led me to ask myself: what if the reason land was limited was because the land in question was an island?
  But that still would not explain the omission of the cataract. It is inconceivable that the authors would neglect to mention so prominent a landmark had it existed. And then I found it -- a lone passage regarding Goug's fall. While the particulars were missing, it appears the city was abandoned after an explosion left half of it in ruin.
  I believe that this explosion may have undermined a portion of the seabed. It need only have been a small area at first -- one that could well have gone unnoticed during the exodus. As time passed, however, the waters would have continued to wear away at the rock, slowly widening the gap until...
  Well, until we have what lies beneath us today. This would explain why there is no mention of Ridorana prior to the present era.

Ramza bas Lexentale: 
  ...Come, Father -- will you not tell them the rest? Of the possibility that we Garleans are descended in part from the displaced citizens of Goug?
  It would explain how the Empire was able to forge its armies of iron even before the discovery and application of Allagan technology.
  And it may also explain why the legend of Ivalice has resonated with our people for centuries, despite the fact that the lost kingdom was, as far as we can tell, in quite a different corner of the world.

Mikoto: An interesting... if somewhat ambitious theory. But to return to your original claim, it is your belief that the Ridorana Lighthouse stands atop what is left of--

(Bwagi looks at Alma)

Bwagi: That necklace! Where did you get it, girl?

Alma bas Lexentale: Th-This? It was my mother's.

Bwagi: Your mother's?

Jenomis cen Lexentale: It was my late wife's most cherished possession. Why do you ask?

Bwagi: Ba'Gamnan had a talisman he would wear beneath his jerkin. He refused to take it off, even when bathing. He said it was... special. I only saw it a few times, but it looked exactly like the one your daughter wears.

Ramza bas Lexentale: And? What are you implying, lizard? That my sister stole it? Or my late mother!?

Bwagi: Neither. I spoke of their similarity. That is all.

Lina Mewrilah: Can you believe the nerve of this boy?

Jenomis cen Lexentale: Enough, Ramza. Our guests are merely concerned for the well-being of their kin.

Ramza bas Lexentale: But what of our kin!?

Jenomis cen Lexentale: What of them, Ramza!? Do you imagine our kin to be better than theirs in some way? Or anyone else's for that matter!?

Ramza bas Lexentale: I... I apologize, Father.

Jenomis cen Lexentale: We have but one purpose, son, and that is to prove the existence of Ivalice and clear our family's name. Do not allow anger or hate to lead you from that path. Now, we have a lost city to explore!

Optional Dialogue

To access these optional messages, players must speak to these characters before completing Ridorana Lighthouse.

Jenomis cen Lexentale: While it may seem that I only call upon you when danger rears its ugly head, I assure you nothing could be further from the truth. ...You seem unconvinced. Ahem. Perhaps we should speak of this upon your return from the Clockwork City?
Montblanc: (Now is not the time to get your fur in a frizzle, Montblanc. Breathe... Breeeathe... I am a warrior of legend. I am a warrior of legend, kupo...)
Hurdy: Since my fool of a brother insists on going ahead with this farce, you have a responsibility not only to ensure that he returns safely, but that he does so a fully-fledged warrior! ...Though I'd settle for the “returns safely” part if push came to shove, kupo.
  My heart cries out to join you on your journey into the depths of Goug... but my head tells me that I would pay for the privilege with my life. I have received no martial training, [Forename]. Whatever wonders await you, my place is here on the Prima Vista.
  Now, is there aught you wish to know before disembarking?
Alma bas Lexentale: This necklace... Why is it so special? I'm frightened, [Forename].
Ramza bas Lexentale: First Lesalia and now Goug! What other wonders might slumber beneath our very feet?
Lina Mewrilah: Oh, you thought I might be joining you on your journey into the heart of a thousand-year-old nest of fiends? Sorry to disappoint, [Player], but a detailed account of any swashbuckling upon your safe return will suffice... or failing that a body. That would make for quite a story.
Wandering Dramaturge: 
  Another bout with a soulless denizen of the deep? No rest for the righteous, eh?
  If things take a turn for the worse, do not hesitate to flee. There is no shame in yielding the battle if it eventually wins you the war.
Company Muscle: 
  What's this? You say the expedition might have use for a man of my build? 
  Ah, but you must understand, my friend. If aught were to blemish this flawless frame, all my work would be for naught!
Company Tragedienne: Garleans descended from the mysterious inhabitants of a legendary clockwork city? That sounds like it has the makings of a marvelous tale! Now, if there were only some place to tell it...
Company Tragedian: 
  Off to heed the call of adventure once again, are we? I won't say I envy you until I hear a full account of the unspeakable horrors you faced... or lack thereof.
  These fanciful claims about Garlemald having its roots in Goug -- might you have more than mere hearsay to support them? I thought not.
Company Dancer: 
  One, two, three! One, two, three! 
  How is it that in the face of danger you find the courage to stand firm? 
  I can barely take the stage without losing my supper. Wait, don't tell me -- show me!

After completion of Ridorana Lighthouse

Ramza bas Lexentale: 
  Mother's necklace... But what is it doing here? Unless--
  Alma? Alma, are you there?

Alma bas Lexentale: I'm here, Ramza.

Jenomis cen Lexentale: Extraordinary. The stones are different, but the craftsmanship is identical. However did it come to be in Ba'Gamnan's possession?

Mikoto: Hmm... though they are indeed of a different shape, the stones appear to be cut from the same crystal.

Montblanc: Oh, they are. Auracite.

Jenomis cen Lexentale: Auracite? And what makes you say that?

Montblanc: Can't you feel it? You can feel it, can't you, Hurdy.

  Do you recall me telling you that Ba'Gamnan considered the necklace special?
  It was special because it was entrusted to him by Prince Rasler. He was to return it to Princess Ashelia upon delivering Her Highness from Nalbina Fortress.

Lina Mewrilah: A family keepsake.

Jenomis cen Lexentale: Of course! And each necklace -- each auracite -- has acted as a lodestone, drawing both of our parties closer and closer to Ivalice.

Ramza bas Lexentale: Indeed, Father. The auracites guide us.

Alma bas Lexentale: Ramza! Are you recovered?

Ramza bas Lexentale: Thank you, Sister. I am well now.

Mikoto: From what we know of the Duma and the Otius, vestiges of one's will may endure in an auracite. Could it be, then, that the desire of the former owner -- or creator -- of these necklaces was simply to... return to Ivalice?

Lina Mewrilah: But who could that have been?

Ramza bas Lexentale: 
  Ramza. Ramza Beoulve. He wanted people to return to his homeland and uncover the truth behind the kingdom's founding!
  But then why show us Lesalia and Goug, you ask.
  Simple. We are being tested. The auracite is measuring our worth -- seeing if we are deserving of that truth.

Lina Mewrilah: You say these things as if you knew them. But how could you? Nothing we have uncovered suggests anything of the kind.

Ramza bas Lexentale: I know you have your doubts, but I can assure you they are misplaced. For now, I must ask you to trust me, Lady Mewrilah.

Lina Mewrilah: Lady Mewrilah? Since when did you--

Alma bas Lexentale: Ramza, are you feeling quite yourself?

Ramza bas Lexentale: Of course I am, Sister dearest. I have never felt better!

Montblanc: I sense a disturbance in the aether...

Ramza bas Lexentale: Father. These necklaces are gifts. Gifts from the old gods who once watched over the Ivalicians. It is proof we have their blessing! With the necklaces and the Otius, we can finally prove--

Ramza bas Lexentale: Thank you, [Forename]. I know not what came over me...

Alma bas Lexentale: Ramza, you must rest.

Ramza bas Lexentale: Leave me be, Alma. Did I not tell you I'll be fine?

Wrap-up with Lina

Lina Mewrilah: 
   Another adventure under our belts, eh, [Forename]? I'd best put pen to page before the details fade.
   Lesalia... and now Goug. One would think our discoveries more than sufficient to prove the Lexentales' claims, at least with regard to Ivalice's existence.
   But something tells me that until Jenomis has proof that his ancestors were not the heretics the church painted them to be, he will not rest.
   And then there is the curious case of Ramza. At Alma's throat one moment, all “sister dearest” the next.
   He was like a different person when he came to, yet I seem to be alone in wondering exactly what happened to him back at the lighthouse. If you ask this “Lady,” he must have taken quite some bump to the head when he fell.
   Then again, it didn't take him long to turn back into his spiteful little self, so... all's well that ends well?