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Quest giver
Jenomis cen Lexentale
The Prima Vista Tiring Room (X:5.8, Y:6.0)
Quest line
Return to Ivalice

Experience 0
Gil 1,153
Previous quest
My Power, My Pleasure, My Pain
Next quest

Jenomis and his son have completed their investigation into Ridorana.

— In-game description



  • Telling Ramza that "An adventurer usually comes prepared" will prevent you from being teleported to the lighthouse before you are ready.
  • Once at the lighthouse, you can return to the Prima Vista by speaking with the Shuttle Pilot.



  • The Prima Vista arrives at the Ridorana Lighthouse without incident, but the expedition's work has only just begun.
  • Ramza believes that with his spyglass, you may be able to locate Ba'Gamnan before it is too late.
  • You find Ba'Gamnan sound of body but bereft of reason, convinced that his loyal brothers have betrayed him to the IVth Legion. After sustaining a mortal wound during a failed attempt on Lina Mewrilah's life, the Bangaa captain enters a pact with the Duma, exchanging his soul for the promise of revenge, and then vanishing without a trace.
  • Though he knew from the outset that this might occur, Principal Jenomis cannot hide his dismay upon learning of Ba'Gamnan's fate.


Accepting the Quest

Jenomis cen Lexentale: I hope these past few turns of the sun have proved as productive for you as they have for us. We have much to share.

Jenomis cen Lexentale: Ridorana is the name of both a massive gap in the southern Valnard Sea, and the lighthouse once manned by the Royal Dalmascan Navy to prevent ships from succumbing to the cataract's currents.

Jenomis cen Lexentale: I stress “once manned” as the tower has lain empty since its candlekeeps abandoned their posts after the fall of Rabanastre. But if Pharos Sirius offers any indication of what can befall a lighthouse in the absence of its caretakers...

Ramza bas Lexentale: Yes, but the real question is how all of this ties in with Ivalician legend.

Ramza bas Lexentale: A cursory examination of the Zodiac Brave Story reveals no mention of a “Ridorana.”

Ramza bas Lexentale: Yet it seemed foolish to assume that a name could not change in the centuries since the tale was writ.

Ramza bas Lexentale: So I thought to cross-reference texts on modern Ilsabardian history with our translations of the Durai Papers.

Ramza bas Lexentale: And after an exhaustive re-examination of my ancestors' notes, I discovered that there was not a single entry on Ridorana.

Ramza bas Lexentale: And while mention of the Valnard Sea was abundant, I found no reference whatsoever to any cataract or lighthouse within its waters!

Jenomis cen Lexentale: ...Ramza's discovery prompted me to examine the mystery from a different perspective. What if there were no mystery at all? What if, at the time of Delita's rise, the chasm did not yet exist?

Ramza bas Lexentale: There is more... but only a visit to the lighthouse will enable us to confirm our theories with any certainty.

Jenomis cen Lexentale: It is as Ramza said: only by visiting the lighthouse will we be able to confirm our theories.

Lina Mewrilah: More? Why the sudden reluctance to reveal their suspicions? A lack of certainty never stopped Ramza from pronouncing on things in the past. Or his father, for that matter.

Alma bas Lexentale: We are bound for the lighthouse, then? Of course we are. But do not try and tell me this has anything to do with helping the Bangaa.

Gijuk: I am not afraid to speak what my brothers are thinking -- the captain was a fool to believe that the Duma could bring back our fallen. Now his faith in legends and faerie tales will be his end.

Bwagi: If anything were to happen to the captain, I...

Rinok: We do not ask that you forgive the past actions of our leader, only that you show him the same kindness that you would anyone in need.

Montblanc: Our first adventure! How exhilarating! Who invited me, you ask? Why, uh, that tall one over yonder... with the face, kupo.

Hurdy: Do not be fooled by my brother's false bravado. We are from a tribe of desert moogles, many of us never having seen more than an oasis pond, let alone an endless ocean. The mere sight of water should be enough to frighten him back to the airship.

Speaking with Ramza

Ramza bas Lexentale: The Ridorana Lighthouse lies far from civilization. You would be wise to provision for the trip here in Hingashi.

Player: An adventurer always comes prepared. / An adventurer usually comes prepared. I shall return soon.

"An adventurer always comes prepared."

Ramza bas Lexentale: Of course.

"An adventurer usually comes prepared. I shall return soon."

Ramza bas Lexentale: Let us not tarry. If the Duma has gotten into that damnable lizard's head, we may have another fight on our hands.

At the Lighthouse

Ramza bas Lexentale: Something is very wrong here...

Ramza bas Lexentale: Mayhap it is best if we split our fellowship into two parties -- one to delve into the tower's depths, and one to... observe from afar. As acting expedition subleader, I appoint you captain of the first. You may use this spyglass to aid in your search for the missing lizard.

Bwagi: Dammit, Brother! Where are you?

Rinok: Captain! Captain! Give us a sign!

Lina Mewrilah: The lighthouse looks like it has seen better days. I daresay we have a handful of imperial dreadnaughts and thirty years of disrepair to thank for that.

Montblanc: Sh-Sh-Sh-Shivering? M-M-M-Me? My fur is s-s-simply s-s-standing on end from all the, uh... ambient aether! Yes, ambient aether in the area. C-C-Can't you feel it, kupo?

Gijuk: Don't worry, Captain! This lot are with us! They won't hurt you!

Bwagi: Where in the king's name are you hiding, Captain...?

Finding Ba'Gamnan

System: This location appears to offer an adequate view. Climb up and scan the area for any sign of Ba'Gamnan.

Bwagi: You've found him? Let me see!

Bwagi: He needs our help!

Ba'Gamnan: Prince Rasler... Princess Ashelia... I know you cannot forgive me...

Ba'Gamnan: ...Nor should you. It is all my fault. I could not save you─could not save anyone... Anyone but myself. I am so sorry...

Bwagi: Ba'Gamnan! Wait!

Ba'Gamnan: Traitors! Have you no pride!? You treat with the very men who laid waste to our homeland!

Gijuk: You are mistaken, Brother! There are no imperials here! We've come to help!

Ba'Gamnan: I know what I see! My own kin sided with the enemy. How dare you stay my audience with the princess!

Lina Mewrilah: The Duma!

Montblanc: It has him, kupo! It's showing him what he wants to see!

Ba'Gamnan: Witch! Murderess!

Ramza bas Lexentale: Gunfire?

: Ba'Gamnan!!!

Ba'Gamnan: So this is the end...

The Duma: Recite the words. Satisfy the covenant. Relinquish thy soul unto me, and be granted that which thou desirest most in all the world...

Ba'Gamnan: Sword in hand... a warrior... clutches stone to breast...

Bwagi: Look at me, Brother! LOOK AT ME!

Ba'Gamnan: In sword... etched he... his fading memories...

Gijuk: Don't you die! Not yet!

Ba'Gamnan: ...In stone... his tempered skill.

Rinok: We promised we'd all go together when our time came. You can't leave us here!

Ba'Gamnan: By sword attested... by stone... revealed.

Ramza bas Lexentale: That light... Where have I seen it before...? Oh no.

Ramza bas Lexentale: Whatever you are doing, you need to leave the lighthouse right away. Right away, do you hear!?

Back in the Tiring Room

Wandering Dramaturge: These auracite relics are fascinating, are they not? If only we knew how to harness their power... without being possessed, I mean.

Company Belle: I sense much danger ahead. Do not allow your desire for adventure to cloud the sound judgment that has seen you this far.

Company Musician: I doubt there is much hope for Ba'Gamnan now... seeing as -- by your own account -- he is technically dead. Just don't let the other Bangaa know I said that. They seem ready to explode as it is.

Company Muscle: And you say his muscles swelled to bursting, like firm melons ripening in the summer sun!? Just the thought makes me want to--! No, I must train harder. Harder!

Company Tragedienne: Ba'Gamnan dead, his soul lost to the forces of darkness? How tragic! And who exactly was this Ba'Gamnan again?

Company Tragedian: Ba'Gamnan transformed, you say? Are you certain it was not some manner of stagecraft? With a dab of mummer's paint, and a few carefully placed lanterns, even the Majestic's meekest have been made to look like monsters, you know.

Company Thespian: If the auracite was created to serve as a weapon, then that is all the more reason it belongs in the hands of those who are versed in the rules of engagement -- namely, the Garlean Legion. Company Dancer: Onetwothree! Onetwothree! Onetwothree! Onetwo-- Your tale of Ba'Gamnan has set my heart aflutter! I must calm myself and focus if I am to master this step.

Finishing the Quest

Montblanc: I was fully prepared to fend off the abomination when he vanished, kupo... I daresay he took one look into my eyes and lost the will to fight.

Hurdy: I think my brother has had more than enough fun for one day, kupo. Perhaps it's time for a Sleep spell... All right, make it Sleep III.

Rinok: Don't you tell me he's gone! He's not! He's stronger than that! He's the strongest Bangaa you'll ever meet. He'll tear his way out of that Lucavi and crush it under his foot!

Bwagi: I cannot -- will not -- believe that there is nothing left of Ba'Gamnan in that... that creature. We can still save him. We can!

Gijuk: The captain's dead... I saw the light leave his eyes. And now we're alone...

Lina Mewrilah: There can be no doubt now -- in the wrong hands, the auracite is a danger to us all. Something must be done. And quickly.

Ramza bas Lexentale: Had Ba'Gamnan not stolen the Duma, he would still be alive today, and we would not be faced with confronting another Lucavi. The lizard only has himself to blame.

Mikoto: A most interesting twist. I had assumed the auracite would act more swiftly upon the weak-willed, but mayhap I was mistaken. Could it be that the opposite is true? That those possessed of a strong will are more susceptible to its influence, not less? <sigh> There are so many questions...

Mikoto: ...But we are not entirely without answers. Is there aught else you wish to know?

Alma bas Lexentale: According to Father, the Durai Papers speak of the auracite as a “holy stone.” But I see nothing holy in what it did to Argath and Ba'Gamnan.

Jenomis cen Lexentale: ...It is as we feared, then. Ba'Gamnan's soul is lost.


Lina Mewrilah: Well, that was... unexpected. All right, all right... After Lesalia, perhaps I should have seen that coming, but don't tell me you didn't soil your breeches just a little when Ba'Gamnan's ritual started.

Ramza bas Lexentale: I care not about his vaunted past -- Ba'Gamnan is a petty thug who deserves every onze of suffering the Duma brings him.

Company Musician: Leaving so soon? I would sing you a lay to send you on your way, but I shall save it for the moment of your return. Whether it be light-hearted or somber is solely up to you.

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