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Type Vendor NPC
Gender Female
Race Hyur Highlander
Aelina is a Female Hyur Vendor NPC introduced in patch 2.0. She is the another NPC responsible for the exchange and the upgrade of various Allagan Tomestones Items, Trials reward items, and FATE boss items.

Locations and Quests

Location Coordinate Started Quests Involved in Quests
Mor Dhona (x22.7,y6.7)

Primal Gear

Exchange 1 Mirror of the Whorl and 1 Wave Weapon for a corresponding Tidal Wave Weapon.

Exchange 5 Diamond Dust and 1 True Ice Weapon for a corresponding Diamond Weapon. The Paladin sword and shield require five Diamond Dust total.

Gerolt's Masterworks

Exchange 7 - 10 Rowena's Token (Soldiery) and 1 Unidentified Allagan Tomestone for 1 Weathered Weapon.

Ironworks Gear

Exchange 7 - 10 Rowena's Token (Poetics) and 1 Encrypted Tomestone for 1 Ironworks Magitek Weapon.

Rowena's Token Exchange

Exchange 1 - 3 Rowena's Token for 1 item level 90 weapon or shield.

Single-handed Arm Exchange

Exchange 1 single-handed Allagan / Primal weapon for its two-handed counterpart.

Two-handed Arm Exchange

Exchange 1 two-handed Allagan / Primal weapon for its single-handed counterpart.

Uncanny Knickknacks

Exchange 4/6 Unstained Mark Log for Carboncoat/Carbontwine, respectively.

Exchange 2/3 Blood-spattered Mark Log for Oil of Time/Sands of Time, respectively.

Exchange 5 Odin's Mantle for 1 Zantetsuken, Hjalmr, Herklaedi, or Sleipnir Barding.

Exchange 5 Behemoth Horn for 1 Thundercloud, Behemoth Knives, Heavy Behemoth Helm, Behemoth Helm, Behemoth Mask, Pixie Earrings, or Ring of Lasting Shelter.

Exchange 1 Cascadier Uniform Voucher for Black Summer Top or Black Summer Trunks or Black Summer Halter or Black Summer Tanga.