A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Honoroit - The Sea of Clouds (x23, y33)
Requirements Level 50
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 48000    Gil 1220
Previous Quest Next Quest
Hope Springs Eternal A Reward Long in Coming


  • Once speaking with Honoroit, you will enter a mission to rescue Emmanellain.
    • Emmanellain is located at x36.6, y20.0. Simply follow the large dirt path while killing enemies along the way.
    • Once you have rescued Emmanellain, you must escort him to about half-way from when you started to finish the mission. Defeat enemies while protecting Emmanellain. As you proceed, two Vanu type enemies will spawn periodically and come towards your way, multiple times.
    • After rescuing Emmanellain, you will eventually receive help from Haurchefant and a few NPC guards. They will mainly chase down the newly spawned enemies as you proceed.


  • Rendezvous with Honoroit.
  • Speak with Cid.


  • Honoroit is more than a little concerned for Lord Emmanellain's well-being.
  • Worried that something may have happened to Lord Emmanellain, Honoroit asks you to help him search Voor Sian Siran for his master. Return to the floating lakes and look for any sign of the young lord.
  • You survey the surrounding area for a time, but see no sign of Emmanellain. Rendezvous with Honoroit and see if he has had better luck.
  • Flustered and breathless, his eyes wide with terror, Honoroit screams that Lord Emmanellain has been captured by the Vanu Vanu. Follow the manservant and find out what has become of his lord.
  • It quickly becomes clear that Lord Emmanellain has been taken to a nearby Vanu stronghold. Fearing the worst, Honoroit begs you to rescue his master before departing for Camp Cloudtop to seek help. Under cover of darkness, you attempt to free the young lord, and succeed with the aid of Haurchefant, who arrives in the nick of time with a party of knights. However, the Vanu are too numerous, and you soon find yourselves surrounded with no means of escape.
  • The chieftain of the Vanu then cries out to the heavens, and a gargantuan flying whale appears to answer his call. Bismarck, Lord of the Mists, the chieftain names it, and Haurchefant realizes with horror that the creature is a primal. Fortunately, before the monster can swallow you whole, Cid Garlond swoops down aboard the Enterprise and spirits you away.
  • It would seem that Cid's perfectly timed rescue was a product of happy coincidence, as he had come to Camp Cloudtop to inspect the Protector. So it was that he happened to be present when Honoroit returned from Voor Sian Siran, begging for assistance. Having ensured your safety, he confirms his intent to return to his work on the Ishgardian airship, but promises that you will speak again soon.