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Whither Wawalago Wanders

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Whither Wawalago Wanders

Whither Wawalago Wanders.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:7.9, Y:14.5)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Far Edge of Fate
Experience 1,337,500
Gil 1,053
Previous quest
Feature QuestCarpe Diem
Next quest
Feature QuestA Rousing Reunion

Master Wawalago's dubious deportment of late has Sisipu duly distressed.

— In-game description



  • Speak with Wawalago.
  • Speak with Sisipu.
  • Wait for Wawalago at Gods' Grip.
  • Speak with Wawalago.


  • Master Wawalago's dubious deportment of late has Sisipu duly distressed.
  • As Sisipu tells it, Master Wawalago has been acting awfully suspicious of late, sneaking surreptitiously out of the city at strange hours of the night. Concerned that the guildmaster may have gotten himself mixed up in something shady, she enlists your services in going to the man and sizing up what exactly is going on.
  • Somewhat stung to hear that Sisipu is on to him despite his best efforts to keep his secret, Master Wawalago nevertheless is quick to assure you that nothing suspicious is afoot. On the contrary, he has simply been going out to converse with a companion who seeks his counsel─a companion who, he expresses, might be eager to meet you as well. He asks you to assure Sisipu that all is well, then join him and his friend at the Gods' Grip.
  • Though not particularly pleased at Wawalago's deception and unwillingness to disclose the details of his dealings with this enigmatic acquaintance of his, Sisipu is nevertheless heartened to hear that the guildmaster is well, and that you will be accompanying him to the Gods' Grip to ensure that he doesn't get into any deeply dire straits.
  • Meeting Wawalago at the Gods' Grip, you are quickly joined by Govv, a young Sahagin who befriended Master Wawalago after ending up on the wrong end of his fishing line. Recently, Govv is gravely concerned at the sudden and surprising disappearance of a particularly striking species of fish known as “the shooting star of the seas” in the Sahagin tongue. With a clear vote of confidence from the guildmaster, Govv accepts your aid, and goes off to collect more information that could help you ascertain where the fish may have absconded to. In the meantime, Wawalago would return to Limsa before Sisipu gets wise to his current whereabouts.
  • Back at Fisherman's Bottom, Wawalago relates his rationale for keeping his dealings with Govv a secret from Sisipu. He explains that the girl's home was once raided by the Sahagin when she was young, and he seeks only to spare her from reliving the pain of her past. Stating his intention to seek out more information on the fish─such as its name in your own tongue─he encourages you to partake in a spot of fishing to further focus your mind on the task at hand.
    • ※The next fisher quest will be available from Wawalago upon reaching level 63.