With the Utmost Care

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Hahasako - Eastern Thanalan (x21, y21)
Requirements Level 41
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 23000   
Mega-potion icon1.pngx3, Hi-ether icon1.pngx3
Previous Quest Next Quest
Sealed with Science A Promising Prospect




  • Use the maul to fracture the corrupted cluster.
  • Use the warded pot to collect a corrupted crystal.
  • Present the corrupted crystal to Hahasako.


  • Hahasako is trying very hard to contain his excitement and is failing.
  • Hahasako explains that the Burning Wall is filled with corrupted crystals. However, if you wish to obtain the highest-quality sample, you must journey to the deepest depths and search for a corrupted cluster. Then, wielding the quarrying maul given to you by the scholar, you must fracture the cluster so that a smaller piece can be removed.
  • In the name of science, you strike the shimmering cluster with all your might. Sections of the fractured cluster can now be easily wrenched free.
  • With a sharp tug, you remove a fragment of the corrupted cluster and seal it within the warded pot, thus shielding you from its harmful energies. Of course, this does nothing to counteract the prolonged exposure to the cluster that you have already endured. Try not to ponder the potential ramifications of this fact as you make your way back to Highbridge and present the crystal to Hahasako.
  • Hahasako has naught but praise for your specimen, which he bids you show to the professor as well-- at which time he expects you to recount to his mentor how instrumental his instructions were to your success.
  • Professor Lamberteint explains that your efforts in Thanalan have yielded a corrupted crystal that will only serve to strengthen Garuda's barrier. As this would be contrary to your goal, you have essentially wasted your time, regardless of what the good professor would have you believe.