When the Worm Turns

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver U'odh Nunh - Southern Thanalan (x14, y29)
Requirements Level 31
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 7600   
Steel gauntlets icon1.png, Toadskin armguards icon1.png, Velveteen dress gloves icon1.png, Allagan silver piece icon1.png
Previous Quest Next Quest
The Perfect Prey There and Back Again





  • U'odh Nuhn is finally willing to tell you of the ingredient you seek.
  • The ingredient you seek is the meat of a Wellwick worm. The creatures are exceedingly rare and must be lured out before they can be slain. To this end, U'odh Nunh suggests you slay an angler and use its carcass as bait.
  • You have obtained the requisite angler carcass. Place it atop the sand ridge to the east in the midst of Wellwick worm territory.
  • The trap is set, and now all that remains is for you to wait. When the Wellwick worm appears, slay it and collect its meat.
  • Thought the beast was indeed fearsome, it was no match for you. Return to Forgotten Springs and present your prize to U'odh Nunh.
  • U'odh Nunh must first prepare the meat, but he promises to send it to Wheiskaet in time for the banquet. Because he does not know the location of the third ingredient, you must return to Costa del Sol and speak with the former captain for more information. However, before you can depart, U'odh Nunh has one final favor to ask.