When the Worm Turns

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

When the Worm Turns

Quest giver
U'odh Nunh
Southern Thanalan (X:14, Y:29)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
1  Rotting Angler
1  Wellwick Worm Meat
Experience 12,800
Gil 0
Previous quest
The Perfect Prey
Next quest
There and Back Again

U'odh Nunh is finally willing to tell you of the ingredient you seek.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Completion of this quest unlocks an increase to mount speed in Southern Thanalan.



  • The ingredient you seek is the meat of a Wellwick worm. The creatures are exceedingly rare and must be lured out before they can be slain. To this end, U'odh Nunh suggests you slay an angler and use its carcass as bait.
  • You have obtained the requisite angler carcass. Place it atop the sand ridge to the east in the midst of Wellwick worm territory.
  • The trap is set, and now all that remains is for you to wait. When the Wellwick worm appears, slay it and collect its meat.
  • Thought the beast was indeed fearsome, it was no match for you. Return to Forgotten Springs and present your prize to U'odh Nunh.
  • U'odh Nunh must first prepare the meat, but he promises to send it toWheiskaet in time for the banquet. Because he does not know the location of the third ingredient, you must return to Costa del Sol and speak with the former captain for more information. However, before you can depart, U'odh Nunh has one final favor to ask.


U'odh Nunh: A shame we did not meet when I was still with the Company of Heroes. You would have made a fine rrrecruit.

U'odh Nunh: But no point dwelling on what cannot be. You have a Wellwick worm to hunt.

U'odh Nunh: Sandworms slither brrrazenly across the desert dunes, but Wellwick worms are far fewer in number. Rarity brrreeds demand, and so their meat is highly prized as a delicacy.

U'odh Nunh: The only way to catch your quarry is to entice it with something it cannot rrresist.

U'odh Nunh: These worms prrrey on the smaller creatures of the Sagolii. A freshly slaughtered angler carcass would be my choice of bait.

U'odh Nunh: There is an area teeming with anglers to the east. I will mark it upon your map, along with the location where Wellwick worms are most frrrequently sighted.

U'odh Nunh: Be warned─the blood will drive the worm into a feeding frrrenzy. If your skills are lacking, it will devour you as well.

U'odh Nunh: You look well. Have you caught your quarry, then?

U'odh Nunh: Your skills as a hunter rrrival those of our best. I applaud your success, [Forename].

U'odh Nunh: The meat will need to be heavily smoked before I ship it to Wheiskaet. Worry not─you have my word that he will rrreceive it in time for the banquet.

U'odh Nunh: You must be eager to obtain the third ingrrredient. I regret to say that I know naught of its location. For the nonce, you should return to Costa del Sol and seek Wheiskaet's counsel.

U'odh Nunh: Ah, but hold a moment. Since you will be meeting the captain again soon, there is something I would like you to deliver to him for me.