There and Back Again

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There and Back Again

Quest giver
U'odh Nunh
Southern Thanalan (X:14, Y:29)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
1  Onyx Brandewine
Experience 30,400
Gil 0
Previous quest
When the Worm Turns
Next quest
The Things We Do for Cheese

U'odh Nunh would like you to deliver a gift to Wheiskaet.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Now that your business in Forgotten Springs is concluded, you must return to Costa del Sol to learn where the third ingredient can be found. Since you will be meeting with Wheiskaet again soon, U'odh Nunh has asked that you deliver a bottle of onyx brandewine on his behalf. Return to Wheiskaet and present to him U'odh Nunh's gift.
  • Wheiskaet is surprised by the gift, and resolves to thank his old comrade when next they meet. With that matter settled, you can now speak with him about the last ingredient.


U'odh Nunh: The captain was always fond of this brandewine. I would be grrrateful if you could deliver it on my behalf.

U'odh Nunh: I was a rrreckless, angry youth when I first joined the Company, and he would have been well within his rights to cast me out. Everything I have I owe to his wisdom and generrrosity.

U'odh Nunh: Aye, Wheiskaet was a firm-yet-fair teacher, an expert molder of men. And I suspect that is still the case now.

U'odh Nunh: Please give him my rrregards, [Forename].

Speaking to U'odh Nunh immediately after:

U'odh Nunh: You are a skilled hunterrr, [Forename]. This I know. But your quarry is a god; this I also know.

U'odh Nunh: Blind rrrecklessness will avail you naught against such foes, regardless of what Landenel may claim.

Wheiskaet: Well met, [Forename]. Landenel and U'odh Nunh both spoke highly of you. What brings you here today?

You hand over the Onyx Brandewine from U'odh Nunh.

Wheiskaet: Ahhh, my favorite. I shall have to thank the nunh personally.

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