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Sky Pirates

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Sky Pirates

Quest giver
Unquiet Trader
The Pillars (X:14.1, Y:10.7)
Quest line
Shadow of Mhach
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestHeavensward
Gil 778
Next quest
Feature QuestTo Rule the Skies

The unquiet trader seems to be scanning the skies in silent desperation.

— In-game description


This quest will require flying unlocked in the Sea of Clouds



  • The unquiet trader seems to be scanning the skies in silent desperation.
  • An anxious merchant in the Pillars is convinced that his newly acquired airship has run afoul of airborne buccaneers. Make your way to Camp Cloudtop in the Sea of Clouds, and question Rontremont about the missing supply vessel.
  • You explain the situation to Rontremont, and the soldier recalls seeing an airship charting an erratic course to the north. Head to the landmass north of Camp Cloudtop, and attempt to locate the cargo airship's helmsman.
  • You head to the north of Camp Cloudtop, only to find the wayward helmsman being robbed by a trio of brutish thieves. The villains do not take kindly to the interruption, but before they can make good on their threats of violence, they are again interrupted by the arrival of a sky pirate by the name of Redbill Leofard. Leofard quickly dispatches the would-be cargo robbers, and remarks upon the serendipity of meeting the very hero with whome he had hoped to speak. If you would grant the pirate the audience he desires, seek out his crew's standard to the north of the Blue Window.
  • You find the Redbill standard, and are greeted by Stacia, Leofard's right-hand woman. She leads you to the crew's base of operations, and you learn of their plans to board a massive derelict airship seemingly adrift in the Sea of Clouds. After agreeing to accompany the Redbills on their expedition to this "ghost ship," Stacia suggests meeting with the crewmate in charge of tracking the elusive vessel. Head to the Gauntlet, and speak with Utata.
  • You approach Utata, and she introduces herself as the Redbills' chief of engineering. It would seem the tiny tinkerer has a flair for all things airship-related...