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True to Life

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True to Life

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Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:12.7, Y:8.7)
Required items
1 Large gagana skin icon1.png  Large Gagana Skin
1 Large gagana cape icon1.png  Large Gagana Cape HQ icon.png
Experience 2,889,000
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Trouble with Taxidermy

Atelloune is not yet ready to abandon her work.

— In-game description




This is the final class quest. In Shadowbringers, Crystarium Deliveries replace class quests for Disciples of the Hand and Land.

While you can accept this quest before completing the level 67 Main Scenario Quest Main Scenario QuestRising Fortunes, Rising Spirits, you will need someone to give you a ride to Enion's location in the southeastern part of the Fringes if you have not opened up this part of the zone yourself.



  • Atelloune is not yet ready to abandon her work.
  • Despite her many connections as an established naturalist in Gridania, Atelloune could not find hide nor hair of the dhalmel mount. She has prepared for this undesirable outcome, however, by selecting another specimen for mounting─the majestic three-feathered gagana. To that end, she bids you and Enion make for Gyr Abania to locate this gargantuan bird of prey.
  • Enion has only ill-tidings to share when you arrive at Castrum Oriens. It would seem the three-feathered gagana has not been sighted in the Fringes in quite some time. Some believe it may already be extinct. Just as all hope seemed to be lost, Enion has a stroke of genius. He suggests using the pelt of the more common variety of gagana to reproduce the visage of the three-feathered one. Before returning to Gridania, however, he insists on observing them briefly to ensure his mannequin properly conveys their likeness.
  • Captivated by their form and beauty, Enion asks you wait for him a while longer. He then takes his leave to continue observing the gaganas.
  • Enion is at last ready to return home, but not before confessing to you his uncertainty in creating a new mount. Your words of encouragement quickly replace his doubt with a newfound resolve to improve his skills as a taxidermist. In his excitement, he runs off to tell Atelloune of your plans for the gagana mount.
  • You return to find Atelloune has been apprised of the situation and has ordered a gagana pelt from the Leatherworkers' Guild. As she hands it to you, she reminds you of the importance of this mount. It is likely to be your final task as her assistant, and she insists this mount be the pinnacle of perfection. You roll up your sleeves and set to work on your masterwork to dress Enion's mannequin.
  • The people of Gridania have gathered at Mih Amphitheatre, all eyes fixed on the dhalmel jacket and gagana mount at center stage. It is not long before Atelloune's intended audience, Marmaduke, makes his presence known. He demands the exhibition be suspended forthwith, but Atelloune chooses to ignore his order. She instead goes on to explain how changes in the environment have endangered myriad animal species, and how people should make a better effort to protect them. Touched by her words, Marmaduke bids her continue, and teach the people of Gridania the value of the lives they would otherwise take for granted. The exhibition ends a resounding success, Atelloune completing her work with animal mounts, and Enion finding himself the newest recruit of the Leatherworkers' Guild. Atelloune means to spread learning and enlightenment to all corners of the realm, and she hopes the two of you might cross paths again someday.