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Rising Fortunes, Rising Spirits

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Rising Fortunes, Rising Spirits

Quest giver
The Fringes (X:19.6, Y:25.1)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario
Experience 107,000
Gil 802
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Fortunes of War
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Lure of the Dream
Side QuestGold Rush
Feature QuestEyes Bigger Than Her Stomach

Conrad would like just as much as you to resume your march east towards the Peaks.

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:




There are no journal entries for this quest.


Accepting the Quest

Conrad: I know you're not one for waiting, but if you'll bear with us--

Resistance Guard: Commander Kemp! Marshal Tarupin reports that their sweep of the castellum's interior has been completed!

Conrad: So it's finally over, eh? Pray extend to him my deepest thanks.

Alisaie: It's official, then. Castellum Velodyna is well and truly ours. Mayhap this calls for-- Wait, where is M'naago?

Conrad: She took her bird and flew off towards the Peering Stones -- the village of the M tribe, where she was born.

Conrad: I doubt that the imperials who fled Velodyna had a mind to give them trouble on their way back east, but she was nevertheless worried, so I gave her leave to go and see that her people were safe.

Alphinaud: Though I pray you are right, 'twould be best if M'naago were not alone if she should encounter the enemy.

Lyse: Agreed! Let's all go to the Peering Stones and make sure that everything is all right.

Conrad: If that is your wish, then I've no objection. Just let the guard know when you wish to cross.

Crossing the Castellum

Resistance Guard: Greetings, Scion. Do you wish to pass?

Below the Peering Stones

Lyse: The path to the village is through a tunnel just east of here. Follow me!

Finishing the Quest

M'naago: Ah, you've come. Welcome, friends, to my village. My home.

Alphinaud: How fare your people?

M'naago: Good, all things considered. Better than the Ananta, at any rate... They've sent an emissary. I'll take you to her.

Lyse: We're here to help. Will you tell us what happened?

Vira Battlemaid: Aye, it began with a quarrel between the imperials and the Qalyana.

M'naago: The Qalyana are another Ananta tribe -- the strongest and the most influential.

M'naago: Unlike the Vira, they want no part of our troubles. They swore fealty to the Empire and were content to remain within their borders.

Vira Battlemaid: Jussst ssso. The Qalyana forsssook their pride and the fight, and yielded to Garlemald long ago.

Vira Battlemaid: But then a new commander was sssent to hold the black bridge. She demanded the Qalyana sssurrender a hossstage, thisss Butcher.

Lyse: Fordola. It doesn't make sense, though... The Vira are the ones working with the Resistance. Why would she threaten the Qalyana?

Vira Battlemaid: Because she is ignorant, like all imperials. She knows not the difference between the Qalyana and the Vira, nor does she care to learn.

Alphinaud: I see. All Fordola knew for sure was that the Resistance would come from the west. She reasoned, therefore, that if the Ananta on the east bank turned their coats, she would be trapped. I take it the Qalyana had no choice but to oblige her.

Vira Battlemaid: No, they did not. The imperials left with the Qalyana broodmother's own daughter, Anamika.

Vira Battlemaid: Long days and nightsss she looked out on the black bridge, weeping for her child. Until you came.

Vira Battlemaid: The broodmother knew at once which way the winds would blow. She and her warriors met with the fleeing imperials in the road and demanded that her daughter be returned.

Lyse: Bad idea... Fordola's not the kind to take threats lying down.

Vira Battlemaid: You know her well. The Butcher turned her blade to Anamika and bade the Qalyana move aside.

Vira Battlemaid: But the broodmother would not yield.

Alisaie: I know where this is going...

Vira Battlemaid: The Qalyana sssurrounded the imperials, one of whom, whether out of fear or sssttupidity, cut the child down. There was naught that could be done.

Alisaie: What madness...

Vira Battlemaid: The true madness was yet to come. For in her dessspair, the Qalyana broodmother cried out for her daughter to be ressstored to life. She bessseeched Sri Lakshmi's intercession.

Alphinaud: She summoned a primal, then and there?

Vira Battlemaid: That she did, if only for an inssstant. Bereft of courage and honor, the broodmother sssought sssolace in her faith.

Vira Battlemaid: The imperials fled in terror at the sssight of the goddess, abandoning these lands to the Ananta...

Vira Battlemaid: Now the Qalyana bid usss make pilgrimage, to pay proper ressspectsss. Yet though we Vira revere Sri Lakshmi as the holiessst of holy, we will not prossstrate ourssselves before Her.

Alisaie: And so you turned to us.

Vira Battlemaid: Aye. All who have fought with the Resissstance have heard tell of the warrior. The eikon-ssslayer.

Alphinaud: I believe we have heard enough. Inconvenient though the timing may be, if a primal has indeed been summoned, we can scarce afford to ignore it. We must needs discuss how best to resolve this situation.