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The Trouble with Taxidermy

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The Trouble with Taxidermy

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Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:12.7, Y:8.7)
Required items
1 Jacket materials icon1.png  Jacket Materials
1 Dashing dhalmelskin jacket icon1.png  Dashing Dhalmelskin Jacket HQ icon.png
Experience 2,227,500
Gil 952
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Value of Life
Next quest
Feature QuestTrue to Life

You notice that oh-so-familiar glimmer is back in Atelloune's eyes today.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:



  • You notice that oh-so-familiar glimmer is back in Atelloune's eyes today.
  • Atelloune is contemplating her next course of action as the dhalmel mount has been well received. Or so she thinks. Drawn by the crowds around the Leatherworkers' Guild, Marmaduke, a Hearer from the Conjurers' Guild, has taken notice and is repulsed by what he sees. He claims it to be an affront to the elementals and demands it be taken down.
  • Atelloune is not one to deny the word of the Hearers, but she believes there may yet be a way to persuade Marmaduke, and ultimately the elementals, to allow her work to continue. Certain they have dealt with and overcome similar opposition in the past, Atelloune asks you to seek counsel from Geva of the Leatherworkers' Guild.
  • Geva explains that the Leatherworkers' Guild had to overcome its deplorable reputation by showing the practical applications of its wares, and the same must be done for your animal mounts. No sooner does she utter the words than she is struck with an idea. While she tends to other preparations for her plan, she asks you to fashion a jacket out of dhalmel leather. Everything you need should be with Randall at the front desk.
  • With leather in hand you set to work and create a jacket with all the primp and polish one expects of a master leatherworker. Hopefully Geva will agree.
  • Geva is pleased to see your awl has not dulled since setting off for business ventures in Ishgard. Enion arrives with fortuitous timing to relay a message from Atelloune, but soon finds himself sporting your latest creation. Satisfied with the fit, Geva goes on to elucidate her plan: she means to hold an exhibition of leatherworker wares using the jacket together with the dhalmel mount. The venue has already been set. All that remains is to assemble any mounts Atelloune would have on display.
  • As everything was falling into place, it seems Marmaduke has taken it upon himself to relieve you of the dhalmel mount. With that said, Atelloune has every intention of committing to Geva's plan. The only question, then, is how will she reclaim the centerpiece of the exhibition?