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The Dusk Wyrm
Female ♀
Azys Lla
Bahamut (mate)

"I shall live with my regret until the world itself hath ceased to be."

In times long past, Tiamat dwelled peacefully on the southern continent of Meracydia. That peace ended when the Allagan empire, seeking to lay claim to the landmass, invaded Meracydia, and in the resulting offensive, robbed her of her brood-brother Bahamut. In her sorrow, she was seduced by the promises of the Ascians, who gave her the means to summon her beloved Bahamut once more as a primal. The great wyrm has spent the past five millennia imprisoned within Azys Lla, and it is said she has come to lament calling forth the fell being that would ultimately do naught but besmirch Bahamut's memory.

— In-game description

Tiamat is a Dragon found in Azys Lla.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Fetters of Lament Main Scenario quest 59 Guidance Node
Righteous Indignation Main Scenario quest 80 Estinien
For Vengeance Main Scenario quest 80 Restrainment Node
The Flames of War Main Scenario quest 80 G'raha Tia
The Burdens We Bear Sidequest 60 Slowfix
Eternity, Loyalty, Honesty Sidequest 60 Vath Deftarm

Additional Information

Tiamat is also a server in the Japanese Gaia Data Center.