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In Search of the Soleil

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

In Search of the Soleil

Quest giver
Foundation (X:13, Y:11)
Quest line
Heavensward Main Scenario

Experience 153,600
Gil 470
Previous quest
The Sins of Antiquity
Next quest
Into the Blue

Lucia appears to have something to say.

— In-game description



  • According to Lucia, the Soleil, the archbishop's personal airship, was recently sighted in the Sea of Clouds. Unfortunately, the airship was bound for the northern reaches, which are not easily accessible from Camp Cloudtop. In order to pursue the Heavens' Ward, you and Alphinaud will need to enlist the aid of a bold airship captain -- and Alphinaud knows the perfect candidate for the job.
  • Cid's cheery demeanor soon darkens when he learns of Lord Haurchefant's death and the archbishop's escape. Though he can offer no insight into the meaning of “Azys Lla,” he surmises that it is the source of some phenomenal cosmic power which Thordan VII covets. Recognizing the gravity of the threat, he agrees to help, and bids you join him at the airship landing when you are ready to depart.

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