Getting Your Bearings

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Sidequest.pngWestern Thanalan Quest

Quest Giver Danyell - Western Thanalan (x15, y28)
Requirements Level 7
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 1120    Gil 141
Previous Quest Next Quest
Tackle the Problem




  • Find chunks of magnetite.
  • Deliver the magnetite to Galfridus at the Silver Bazaar>


  • Danyell of the Silver Bazaar requires some very specific materials to fix his father's broken compass.
  • Danyell believes that his fisherman father has been stuck on land of late because his compass is broken. Venture outside the Silver Bazaar and see if you can find three chunks of magnetite to fix the broken instrument.
  • You have collected three chunks of magnetite. Deliver them to Galfridus at the Silver Bazaar.
  • The magnetite you supplied can be used to mend the damaged compass. Tragically, however, there does not seem to be much use for it once repaired.

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