Reasonable Doubt

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Sidequest.pngWestern Thanalan Quest

Quest Giver Kikipu - Western Thanalan (x16, y29)
Requirements Level 6
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 585    Gil 139
Previous Quest Next Quest
I Believe You Can Fly Search and Seizure


Use the emoticon /doubt on the Riled Workers in the following locations:

  • West of Kikipu near the unnamed NPC
  • 2 workers in the building with the Merchant & Mender
  • Down on the wharf near the ferryman


  • Use the power of /doubt to make the workers leave.
  • Report back to Kikipu.


  • Kikipu of the Silver Bazaar is having a hard time handling a couple of troublesome laborers.
  • Four laborers who tend the derricks are taking an elongated break in the Silver Bazaar, and testing Kikipu's last nerve in the process. Chase them out of the Bazaar by casting /doubt on the validity of their actions, the purpose of their presence, and the very nature of their existence.
  • You have rid the Silver Bazaar of the surly derrick workers. Run and tell Kikipu of your feat.
  • It seems the laborers were not laborers at all, but cowardly thugs hired to disguise themselves as laborers and prospect land in secret. Here's hoping nothing further comes of the incident...

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