So Close Yet So Far

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Sidequest.pngWestern Thanalan Quest

Quest Giver Fafafono - Western Thanalan (x16, y29)
Requirements Level 8
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 892   
Leather leggings icon1.png, Leather boots icon1.png, Allagan bronze piece icon1.png
Previous Quest Next Quest
Greasing the Cogs




  • Gather pieces of Fafafono's baggage.
  • Deliver the baggage to Fafafono.


  • Something has Fafafono of the Silver Bazaar in a very agitated state.
  • Fafafono is the sad victim of some baggage haulers having left their work undone. His wares lie beyond the gates, undelivered and unguarded. Gather the three pieces of said baggage and deliver them to their worried owner.
  • You have picked up all of the abandoned baggage. See the bags safely back to the fretful Fafafono.
  • Fafafono's baggage contains miswoven articles of clothing from Sunsilk Tapestries. To the isolated people of the Silver Bazaar, however, the fact that they are brand-name goods is all that matters.

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