The Rose and the Unicorn

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The Rose and the Unicorn

The Rose and the Unicorn Image.png
Quest giver
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:24, Y:28)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
1  Letter to Haurchefant
Experience 37,800
Gil 1,544
Previous quest
Three for Three
Next quest
The Talk of Coerthas
Papa Do Preach
Dead Is Dead
Dark and Stormy Night
Too Many Enemies
Sebastian vs. the Ogre

Ser Carrilaut has something very important to tell you.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Ser Carrilaut tells you in hushed whispers that Lord Francel could not possibly be a heretic, and that these accusations could prove disastrous for House Haillenarte. He bids you deliver a warning to Lord Francel at Skyfire Locks, adding further that you should speak to him of an edelweiss so that he knows you can be trusted.
  • Lord Francel laments that this is only the latest in a series of incessant accusations against House Haillenarte. Alas, he will likely have to answer to the inquisitors, even if the charges are without merit. Given these circumstances, he cannot assist you in your search for the airship. Instead, he furnishes you with a letter of introduction to House Fortemps, assuring you that Lord Haurchefant of Camp Dragonhead will offer you his full support.
  • Lord Haurchefant's face darkens as he reads the contents of the missive and learns of the charges against Lord Francel. Putting his frustration aside, he invites you to stay in Camp Dragonhead as a guest of House Fortemps, and states that he will make inquiries on your behalf. Having found a powerful friend in Coerthas, it may be wise to repay his kindness.

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