The Reason Roaille

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

The Reason Roaille

Quest giver
Minfilia Warde
The Solar (X:6, Y:5)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era
Experience 2,340
Gil 2,000
Previous quest
Eyes Unclouded
Next quest
Let Us Cling Together

Minfilia would discuss how best to proceed in light of recent developments.

— In-game description




  • Minfilia has scarcely begun to tell you of her intent to study the great wyrm Midgardsormr when some manner of commotion erupts just outside the solar. Do as the Antecedent bids and see if aught is amiss.
  • You arrive at Camp Bluefog to the news that Eline Roaille passed through scarcely a bell before. Follow Captain Ilberd to the nearby Ceruleum Processing Plant, the next notable landmark on the way to Castrum Meridianum.
  • You overtake Eline Roaille at Raubahn's Push, but not before she is joined by her imperial allies. Undeterred, you stand shoulder to shoulder with the Crystal Braves and the shinobi of Doma, and engage the enemy, succeeding at length in overwhelming the Garleans and recapturing the fugitive. Wholly unrepentant, Eline greets the subsequent arrival of Alphinaud with a hail of vitriol, and is lambasted by Ilberd for her shamelessness before being dragged away. Ask Alphinaud for his thoughts on the heated exchange.
  • Alphinaud seems troubled. Though the sordid business of the Ivy is concluded, it has plainly left an unpleasant taste in his mouth.

Solo Duty Walkthrough

  • Ignore Eline the Razor, as she cannot be killed.
  • Do not let Ilberd die; enemies attacking him should be your priority.
  • Focus down the 7th Cohort Death Claw when it appears, as it attaches to and damages Ilberd.
  • Do your best to prevent the deaths of any allied NPCs, as they can keep reinforcements busy while you're taking care of other enemies.