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The Gigi Situation

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The Gigi Situation

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Foundation (X:9.9, Y:11.4)
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Further Hildibrand Adventures Quests

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Gil 778
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Don't Call It a Comeback
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The Measure of a Mammet

Cyr must once more enter into a world he does not quite understand.

— In-game description



  • Cyr must once more enter into a world he does not quite understand.
  • Inspector's Log:
As invigorating as my sojourn in the skies above was, full glad I am to be back on terra firma. Of course, the landing left much to be desired─as did my father's overzealous efforts to pluck me from the snow─but in painful circumstance did we enjoy encounters serendipitous and strange. A good and true Gentle Dead Man, far removed from the sands of Ul'dah, and Gigi, a precocious young lad seemingly bereft of all memories. Some might dismiss these events as the mere whims of fate, but I say, if these be not the beginnings of a spectacular case, then my name is not Hildibrand Helidor Maximilian Manderville!
Cyr's superiors at the Supreme Sacred Tribunal of Halonic Inquisitory Doctrine have decided that, in the interest of public safety, the mammet Gigi must be seized and subjected to thorough examination. Should it be determined that the mammet is of heretical origin, it is to be destroyed─a judgment not like to sit well with Inspector Hildibrand, who has taken to escorting the "young boy" around the city of Ishgard, in an effort to help him recover his missing memories.
  • In predictable fashion, Cyr's attempt to convince Hildibrand to surrender Gigi into his custody somehow leads to a debate on the mammet's gender. The commotion serves to draw Lord Edmont out from nearby Fortemps Manor, who agrees with the inspector that the mammet is clearly a boy. Upon learning of the inquisition's interest in Gigi, the count suggests that Hildibrand adopt the mammet as a ward, and even offers to stand as witness. Fascinated and enchanted by the thought of becoming a father, the inspector readily agrees, and Cyr can only look on in horror as Gigi is formally granted the patronage of House Manderville. It would seem there is nothing more to be done...but Inquisitor Cyr is a man bound by duty, and he is not yet ready to leave the mammet and its caretakers to their own devices, even as they embark upon another tour of the city to stir Gigi's memories.
  • In an impressive display of ignorance, Hildibrand introduces the Supreme Sacred Tribunal of Halonic Inquisitory Doctrine─the Ishgardian institution which Cyr so proudly serves─to Gigi as a manor of “House Durenmaeltempsarte.” The inquisitor is quick to correct the inspector, who good-humoredly overlooks the incident. In any event, the name matters little, belonging as it does to but one more location which means nothing to the amnesic mammet.
  • The Holy Stables prove no more familiar to Gigi than the Tribunal, even after he takes a good, long whiff of the horsebirds' natural musk. Cyr observes that Gigi may not be native to Ishgard, leading Hildibrand to propose that you all visit the Jeweled Crozier next, and Cyr to subsequently berate himself for aiding in the inspector's endeavors.
  • A despondent Gigi once more fails to recall his memories and mutters that there is no point to this exercise. In an effort to raise his adopted son's spirits, the inspector resorts to his trademark pose, sending a precariously placed vase crashing to the ground. To Cyr's horror, the stall's owner reveals that the vase was valued at one hundred and twenty-three million, five hundred and four thousand gil, having been owned by countless esteemed personages, including one Ishgardian duke. However, before she can demand recompense, Gigi restores the vase to its original form in an unexpected display of magical prowess.
The stunned inquisitor declares Gigi's accomplishment a miracle, unable to fully comprehend what he has just witnessed. Sensing an opportunity, the merchant promptly offers to purchase the mammet from the inspector, who is taken aback at the suggestion he sell his adopted son. But Gigi has had enough; he can no longer entertain the illusion that he is flesh and blood. In the face of the inspector's continued insistence that he is a Manderville, the mammet storms off, declaring that Hildibrand and Nashu are not his papa and mama, leaving the stunned pair to watch in silence.
  • “Gigi is at a rebellious age,“ Hildibrand declares, confident that he can weather the storm and regain his beloved son's trust. The key, Nashu believes, is to find out what first convinced Gigi that he was a mammet─a suggestion which Cyr lacks the will to dispute.